The dietary fat guidelines are NOT rooted in science


Here is some great work from Dr. Zoë Harcombe. The dietary (low-)fat guidelines had no solid evidence base when they were introduced 40 years ago – and they still don’t. There’s no good scientific reason to fear natural fats.

It’s about time we question what we thought we knew about fat in general, and saturated fat in particular:

The British Journal of Sports Medicine: Dietary Fat Guidelines Have No Evidence Base: Where Next for Public Health Nutritional Advice?


Experts: Popular Belief That Saturated Fats Clog Up Arteries “Plain Wrong”

Is Fat Killing You, or Is Sugar?

Top videos about saturated fat

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  1. RT
    Bravo, Dr. Harcombe. Thank you for your outstanding work. A lot of people are needlessly sick, and your insight and expertise are a big part of the solution.

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