“This diet has been nothing short of life changing for me and my family”


Before and after

Tyler has been able to truly turn his life around with a low-carb diet. Here’s how he massively increased his energy levels and lost 100 lbs (45 kg) in only seven months:

Before I started LCHF I was always tired. I dreaded the afternoons because I knew I would always need a nap just to feel capable of making it through the rest of the day. I never ate breakfast and lunch usually consisted of a sandwich made with some kind processed meat, while dinners always consisted of carb-laden foods.

When I turned 30, right after my daughter turned one, I realized that there was a good chance that I wouldn’t be there to walk her down the aisle one day. I was staring at 350 pounds (159 kg) that December. I decided then that something had to change. Naturally (I was taught to count calories), I started logging every morsel I ate while attempting to create a deficit by any sort of cardio I could muster. 11 months later, with nothing but a few pounds lost, my wife and I decided to go low carb.

Now, seven months after that great decision, I’m nearly 100 pounds (45 kg) lighter and my body fat is nearing the teens. My energy levels are through the roof! No matter what time I fall asleep, I always rise with the sun and am ready to go! I can keep up with my daughter (she’s 2.5 years old) and have plenty of drive to pursue everything I’ve wanted! I can now follow my bird dog all day long in the fall/winter (while never feeling hungry) and my golf game has drastically improved in the spring/summer!

My biggest challenge has been chocolatey sweets. I always enjoyed something sweet after dinner my entire life. Now a decadent square of dark chocolate suffices every now and again.

The one thing I wish I knew when beginning is that fat is a lever. I gorged myself with fat in the beginning, thinking that my body needed it. Well at 6’1″ (185 cm) and 350 pounds (159 kg), I had plenty of fat to burn. Now after finding a nice protein intake that keeps my muscle % stable, I meet that first while using fat to supplement my hunger needs. This diet has been nothing short of life changing for me and my family.

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Fantastic Tyler, so glad that we’ve been able to help you and your family reclaim your health!

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  1. Technus
    Good luck with your heart disease and cancer.
  2. Debra
    Tyler and family,

    Congratulations on your new lifestyle and your weight loss. I also am a true believer in this healthy lifestyle. I really enjoy the meal menu choices. I am back to eating a balanced meal, who would have thought I would be back eating all those healthy vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower with all my meals. I have read everything I could and watched many, many videos on the science behind it. I understand more about blood sugars and blood glucose. It all makes sense when a person does his research. I have been lchf for 4 months now with fantastic blood results. My blood pressure is normal. The weight loss of 20 lbs is an added bonus.

  3. Tamarah
    Kudos to you both for making the best decision you could ever make in your lifetime ,, that will last a lifetime . Tyler please post those pics when you walk your beautiful Daughter down the aisle . Well done .

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