Diet, health and an epidemic of misinformation

Why is there an epidemic of misinformation that makes it hard for patients (and their doctors) to know how to get healthy? In the short segment above Dr. Aseem Malhotra shares a brief summary. Transcript

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  1. shazi
    Hi Dr Aseem Malhotra. I request you to kindly let me know the REFERENCE RANGE for the following.In pakistan the Labs and doctors use these terms. 1.SERUM CHOLESTEROL 2.SERUM TRIGLYCERIDES 3.HDL CHOLESTEROL(Direct) 4.LDL CHOLESTEROL(Calc) 5.VLDL CHOLESTEROL(Calc) 6.CHOLESTEROL/HDL Ratio 7 SERUM HDL CHOLESTEROL 8.SERUM LDL CHOLESTEROL plus what is meant by TOTAL CHOLESTEROL? I will be waiting for your reply.If i have reference range i can keep track of my lipid profile.Thanks a lot

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