Diet Doctor launches in Spanish!


This has been a dream of ours for a long time. Diet Doctor in more languages.

The goal of the Diet Doctor organization is to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health, by making low carb simple.

We started in Sweden in 2007, with a tiny Swedish site that rapidly grew to the largest health blog in Scandinavia. In 2011 we launched this English site, Over the years, it has grown to be far larger than our original Swedish site, and combined we have about 200,000 daily visits. This makes Diet Doctor the largest low-carb or keto site in the world.

However, not everyone in the world speaks English (or Swedish). It’s not possible to empower people everywhere if we can’t even make ourselves understood. So while we want to keep improving this English site all the time, we also have to add many more languages.

Thanks to the support of our over 40,000 active members we can now take another step, to our second major world language: Spanish! Today our brand new Spanish site is live. We’ll update it daily at first, and hopefully we’ll soon move to updates many times per day.

We already have one person working full time translating guides, blog posts, recipes and more. The amazing and charming Kim Gajraj boldly moved from Bolivia to Stockholm, Sweden, last week, to join Team Diet Doctor on our mission. She’ll be supported by several Spanish-speaking freelancers, our chief editor Inger Swanberg, doctors for fact-checking, and of course the rest of our team for content, IT, recipes and video production.

We expect the Spanish Diet Doctor site to improve rapidly in the days and weeks to follow. Some guides are already up, and we’ll start adding translated recipes and videos shortly.

You are welcome to check it out, and feel free to share the link with anyone who could benefit:

Diet Doctor Español

When this process is a success we’ll start considering another step. What language do you think we should add next? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Sara
    thanks for launching Spanish! I am sure it will help a lot of people here! :)
  2. Barry
    As I've just suggested on Twitter: Mandarin or Arabic. They would be hard, but would cater for LOTS of affected people.
  3. Cathy
    Chinese. One of the world's most widely spoken languages, and also a group of people facing an unprecedented epidemic of diabetes.
  4. Dina
    Other languages: French, Russian, Arabic...

    Is there an official Chinese language? It would be hard to translate to all the different ones. (And would people in China have access to the internet...?)

  5. Francine
    Félicitations! En français, svp.
    Merci beaucoup!
    Bonne journée!
  6. lyndsay
    Arabic - definitely.. I have family who would definitely benefit from low carb/high fat but with my limited Arabic and their limited English I cannot explain the benefits to them!
  7. Maria del Carmen
    Muchas gracias, me costaba bastante seguir la dieta ya que no se ingles, y a veces los traductores no son muy exactos
  8. Marie jo
    Français and i can help with it !
  9. Ellinka
    What about Russian next time? :)
  10. Robert
    I'm very pleased. Thank you very much.
    Now I can share with family members what somehow something so simple seems extremely difficult for them to understand.
    Arabic language to share the information with people here in Saudi Arabia.
  12. Manuel
    Thanks for keeping on improving, I think French would reach many more people.
  13. Asun
    Gracias por intentarlo en español. Por favor cuanto antes
  14. Jonna
    DANISH 🙂 in our facebook group : Diabetes og Low Carb / Keto (now 2100 members 👍🏻) there are some members especially the elder members that do not understand to read / hear the English language. And often they complain “why is it that the good information is in English” 😟 as Admin we refer to Google translate however the translations are not always the best. I advocate our members to become DietDoctor members and through their membership support you, and perhaps one day it will hopefully result in a danish DietDoctor site .
  15. Kostadin
    Portugues & Bulgarian, please :)
  16. Marian Alegria
    Por favor necesito que alguien me envíe el enlace en español!!
  17. Dorthea
    Please translate it into Danish.
    Look at they got their website translated into 1027 languages.

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