Did you miss PaleoFX? Get it on DVD

Having unfortunately missed the PaleoFX 2012 conference I immediately jumped at this chance. You can now preorder the DVD set containing 40+ hours of presentations, seminars, cooking demos and interviews.

Order this month and you get the DVD set for $197, after that the price goes up to $247. Not exactly cheap, but less than a trip to Austin would have been.

The PaleoFX Store


  1. rob
    $197? ROFLMAO!
  2. Meatsallad
    DVD is not Paleo.
  3. FrankG
    I just watched this episode of 30 Rock, where Tracy Jordan does an infomercial for "The Meat Machine"... meat is the new bread!


    I hope you can view it outside N. America

    It's funny 'cos it's true ;-)

  4. Justin B
    Who is this for? Researchers and nutritionists claim they don't have time to keep up with others' research, so its not for them, and the rest of us aren't going to spend $200 to learn a bit more about our diet from a single event, when there are $20 documentaries and free lecture videos available.
  5. Bob Malugalugalu
    How much???????? They're having a laugh!!!
  6. Jen
    So don't buy it.

    Use the money you saved to rent yourself some manners.

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