Diabetes expert: bread is a bag of glucose!


This is good news! Many low-carbers are familiar with the diet expert Jim Mann, an expert from the old school. Mann was one of the experts behind the carbohydrate-rich European dietary guidelines for diabetics in 2004. And he wrote an opinion piece in Lancet, where he dismissed the Swedish LCHF movement in 2009: “Fad diets in Sweden, of all places”.

But now even Mann seems to be updating his knowledge, like many others. Dr. Anders Tengblad listened to his talk at the big diabetes conference EASD this week. Now Mann believes that diabetics ought to avoid pasta, potatoes, rice, cereals and bread!

He called bread “a bag of glucose”!

More over at Dr. Tengblad’s blog: Jim Mann – Bread is a Bag of Glucose! (Google translated from Swedish)


Yet another internationally recognized dietary expert that updated his knowledge on fat and carbohydrates: “I Was Wrong, You Were Right”

The Food Revolution is moving forward!

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  1. Barb
    This is the best news I've heard in a long time!! Can't wait until it spreads to Canada!!
  2. eddy
    Curious would rolled oats and quinoa bread fall into that category?
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  3. Zepp
    Oats are seed.. quinoa too.. lots of carbs!

    Chose small amounts of quinoa if you have to eat any of it!

  4. Doug Orr
    I wonder what he used to think it was? Something other than a carbohydrate that quickly turns into glucose?

    Quinoa is a scam. Its a high carbohydrate food like every other grain/grain substitute. Also, for our gluten concerned friends, although gluten is not present in quinoa, saponin is.present. Saponin is an anti-nutrient that serves the same role/function as gluten and can cause the same or similar problems.

    Just say no and stick with meat, vegetables, eggs, fats, oils and some cheese.

  5. Carol
    Is that a muffin he's holding in his hand?
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  6. greensleeves
    What's the big deal here? He still insists on a diet of 40% carbs for diabetics. Yeah, that's better than saying 65%, but will still leave most T2Ds really sick.
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  7. Zepp
    Its a bread roll.. and he was asked to hold one as a illustation for the picture.
  8. Zepp
    In Swedish this is cald to do a Pudel.. and he is doing a half Pudel!
  9. KevinF
    It can be embarrassing to comes to grips with the fact that you were wrong.

    Those who see the light can always fall back on the old John Maynard Keynes quote, "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"

    Of course the facts haven't actually changed, but let's be generous as we pull someone from the Dark Side into the Light.

  10. Per Wikholm
    It's a small step for man... but a giant leap for Jim Mann. ;-)
  11. Jo tB
    Better late than never (to change your mind, that is) !!!

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