You decide WHAT to eat…


Here’s another very simple illustration from Dr. Ted Naiman.

I mostly agree, except for the fact that what we eat also tends to influence when we eat. For example, eating LCHF foods tends to result in feeling satisfied for much longer, reducing the impulse to eat all the time…

So by far the most important factor of all – if you want to control your weight and health – is choosing what to eat.

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  1. Steve
    Andreas said:

    "... tends to result in feeling satisfied for much longer, reducing the impulse to eat all the time…"

    I think you've missed a key point in Ted's chart. You feel satisfied because your body's cells (mitochondria) are satisfied. The cheese cubes at the bottom are much more nutritionally dense than the empty calories in the Cheetos. Three cubes and your cells get what they need and are satisfied; stuff that big pile of Cheetos in your stomach and your cells make you feel hungry again (unsatisfied) until you give them what they need.

  2. Thiago
    Why doesn't he compare low carb with real high carb food? He always use junk food.
  3. Steve
    Because in the US the majority of people eat the processed junk carbs.

    But the same effect holds true with starchy "real high carb food" like grains, rice and potatoes. Substituting a cup of rice for the cheetos is simply "less bad" for you. But you still get the insulin spike and empty calories.

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