“Cut the crap”, not saturated fat, advises Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation



  1. Apicius
    How about if heart and stroke foundation cut out culprit or suspicious corporate donors, like Bayer, Pfizer, and mazola oil (makers of corn oil, probably one of the most toxic things you can eat)? Here's a link to their corporate sponsors:


  2. Murray
    The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation recently dropped its sleazy heart-tick program of endorsing supposedly heart-friendly processed foods, many of which were high in processed sugar and little else. This may have been in response to scathing criticism and ridicule by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff. This major step regarding saturated fat indicates the old guard of the status quo in that organization may have been displaced. Perhaps we also have Dr. Freedhoff to thank again. Now if we could only get them to understand that heart disease is fundamentally a disorder caused by elevated insulin and insulin resistance.
  3. Dan
    Aren't they still stating that saturated fats are bad, encouraging calorie count and grains are still on the menu? Seems to me that it's only a beginning?
  4. Apicius
    The heart and stroke foundation is promoting unhealthy eating on their website. Here are four direct quotes from their site:

    "Foods high in saturated fat include fatty meats, full-fat dairy products, butter, hard margarines, lard, coconut oil, ghee (clarified butter), vegetable ghee, and palm oil. Saturated fat can raise unhealthy LDL cholesterol."

    Their grocery shopping tips: "Divide up your cart into four quarters, based on the four food groups. Fill half the cart with vegetables, fruit and whole grains, one quarter with lower-fat dairy products and the other quarter with lean meat and alternatives such as fish, beans, nuts and soya products."

    "People with heart disease or diabetes are advised to limit themselves to 200 mg of dietary cholesterol per day with less than 7% of calories from saturated fat. Do that by cutting down on foods that are high in cholesterol, saturated fat and trans fat."

    Their healthy eating guide tells you should be doing this: "Using unsaturated oils such as canola, olive, and soybean as well as non-hydrogenated margarines (Include a small amount - 30 to 45 mL/2 to 3 tbsp a day)."

    I disagree with all of these statements! Their website is continuing to spew wrong information, making healthy people sick, and sick people sicker. Here's the link to their misguided "healthy eating" website: http://www.heartandstroke.com/site/c.ikIQLcMWJtE/b.3483951/k.38BC/Hea...

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  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    These organizations are not really fast, generally speaking. I imagine they'll have their website fully updated before the decade is over, or something.
  6. Murray
    Yes, but until they do update their published starch-heavy, insulin-driving guidelines, the future ghosts of hundreds perhaps thousands of poor misguided souls who actually followed the out-of-sync guidelines will be rightly able say, "Not in my lifetime."

    Delay is inexcusable.

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