“I am convinced that this is the right path for me!”


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I found the recipes incredibly good! During the two weeks, I went to other meal ideas to what suited me. I found it easy to follow. It was nice to just shop for what I needed, and to know what’s for dinner each night. I work out 4-5 times a week, so I was great having the leftovers for lunch readily available. I was not hungry. I no longer needed to graze, and late night eating became a thing of the past.

Even though I do strength training, do yoga and pilates, plus cardio, I still only managed to lose 2 pounds (1 kg). Perhaps it showed in inches. I’m amazed that I was able to consume so much fat, and not gain weight. I do have hypothyroidism.

I plan to continue this journey. Thank you for putting this all together. It takes all the guesswork out of the way in keeping carbs to a minimum.


I enjoyed doing the challenge. And I signed up for the month free, but, I have lost so much weight I don’t think I can continue until I find out the reason for the weight loss. And I did ask the question as to how to do the low-carb diet without losing weight, but because my reason for doing the challenge was to rid myself of my sugar addiction not to lose weight. But I never could find my answer to my question. I realise I’m just one of thousands asking questions, but it would have helped me make the decision as to stay on the program, or not.

On a more positive side, I love preparing the meals, they were so fast and delicious. I loved how you really took the work out of doing the challenge.


This 2-week challenge was actually a lot better than I anticipated it to be. I expected boring, bland meal plans and was pleasantly surprised that every dish I made was more delicious than the last.

My husband and I started this challenge together and didn’t change any of the food we bought due to having four kids in the house. We just started eating differently for breakfast and lunch while at work and started cooking the meals for the whole family at night. All four kids loved the dinners, so the meal plans have been a huge success in our house. The best part is my husband and I each lost 7 lbs (3 kg) over the course of the two weeks. We’re heading into week 3 with excitement.

Thank you for developing and maintaining this page. It has been a great resource to have access to.


I loved all of the recipes. They were really easy to make and so flavorful even though there were not a lot of spices. I lost a total of 8 pounds (4 kg) in 2 weeks!

Thank you so much!

Two weeks in and I am loving it. 11 pounds down (5 kg), 2.5 inches (6 cm) off my waist alone. Mood better, sleeping better. No hypoglycaemic crashes at work and excess sleepiness. I have fibromyalgia and all meds have either not helped or had bad side effects such as hair loss. Great right? Well I am feeling great and have very little pain. I am starting to think I will be able to exercise soon, I am convinced that this is the right path for me! I have a long way to go but I know I will get there.

Thanks for all that you do!

Hey, Andreas!

I just wanted to say my experience was AMAZING :D I have felt so much better, I have lost 7 lbs (3 kg), and have more energy. I have now joined other keto facebook support groups and will continue on keto, our entire house has taken it up. We have purchased the membership for the site and have watched the movies and courses and you guys just make it so easy to understand and follow!

Thank you for hosting such an amazing space!

Though it was quite challenging to break free from the sugar addiction, I started to gain momentum with feeling better. I didn’t lose any weight but my energy level is way up, like I’m in my twenties. That alone will keep me on the diet and I know over time I will shed pounds. Actually I prefer the slow weight loss.

Thanks Diet Doctor,

I have just finished the 2-week challenge and I am very impressed with my results. I had two events where eating out was necessary and I still managed to lose 8 lbs (4 kg). The sugar cravings are gone and I even skipped breakfast 3 days. I never feel hungry any more.

I am on the road a lot and still need to plan to bring some snack food in the car. I had low energy one day when I skipped breakfast and had to grab some almonds. I’m still a little worried about the fat intake due to my age 58 but it is working. I need to lose 50 lbs (23 kg). If I feel hungry I seem to go for a piece of cheese. Worry I’m eating too much cheese.

A list of on-the-go food would be helpful for people who travel a lot for work.

I am thrilled I found this site and did sign up for the membership.

Thank you so much!!

I really liked the plan, the menu choices and the food. However, I have a couple of issues that I need help with.

First, I travel every other week for work. I can’t follow the plan when traveling. I tried to eat LCHF when traveling and I must not have done it right because by Thursday I was so hungry that food binged on bad food. Like I was out of control.

Second, the week I was at home, there was too much food to keep up with. I only made 3 of the recipes. I am using those other recipes and that from week two this week.

I travel again next week. I sure could use some help for us traveling folks. I wish I could talk with someone for a customized plan.

Love your plan though.

Hello, Dr. Eenfeldt,

I enjoyed the low-carb challenge. It was easy to follow, and the recipes were easy, tasty and diverse. I had a serious carb addiction and the first week was hard. Talk about grumpy. By the end of the challenge, I didn’t even crave carbs or sweets, not even fruit. I was full and satisfied, and lost 6 pounds (3 kg) and 2″ (5 cm) at my waist. I’m girl enough to admit that excited and motivated me to continue.


Dear Sirs,

Yes, am done with the two-week challenge and feeling proud that I was able to drop almost 3 kilos
(7 lbs) along with exercising 4 times a week (2 boxing classes and 2 weight strength classes), drinking lots of water as well as intermittent fasting for few days.

I can easily see that I lost a lot of stored fat as well as the cellulite which were not that much but nevertheless am so happy with my looks and now the muscles are more defined.

Am going to continue but with moderate low carb and allowing more suggested salads as I dont want to lose weight since I reached my goal but for my husband its long way to go and hope that he will keep sticking to the diet.

Thank you for the delicious recipes though sometime I get confused on how much bread pieces can someone eat like a hamburger or other kind of bread recipes you have one your website. Maybe you can help on that.

Best regards,

Have finished the 2-week challenge and have not lost much weight at all, have about 50 lbs (23 kg) or so to lose. Having said that I don’t feel at all hungry and find it really east to stick to. The only cheats I’ve had is with alcohol. This week I’m going to try very hard to cut back on this. I’ve signed up for membership so I’m committed to a least another 2 weeks, hopefully I’ll see sone weight loss.


I loved it. I have realized how wrong my ideas on eating were for so many years. Down 6 pounds (3 kg) and keeping it going!

Thank you for your website!!!

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