Congress review of dietary guidelines work of The Nutrition Coalition

Apparently getting Congress to demand a review of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans was the work of The Nutrition Coalition.

This is a relatively new non-profit organization funded by a philanthropic foundation (The Laura and John Arnold foundation). There is no funding from the food industry.

More details should be available via a press release tomorrow.


  1. Paul TR
    People on LCHF have excellent memory. We do not need studies to tell us this do we, we know it from experience.

    BBA Clin. 2015 Jan 16;3:123-5. doi: 10.1016/j.bbacli.2015.01.001. eCollection 2015.
    Pilot feasibility and safety study examining the effect of medium chain triglyceride supplementation in subjects with mild cognitive impairment: A randomized controlled trial.
    Rebello CJ1, Keller JN2, Liu AG2, Johnson WD2, Greenway FL2.
    Author information

    Impaired brain glucose metabolism appears to be a potential pathogenic feature of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). This study examined the potential for increasing circulating ketone bodies through medium chain triglyceride (MCT) supplementation, as a means to beneficially modulate brain homeostasis in subjects with MCI.
    Six participants with MCI were enrolled in a randomized placebo-controlled trial. Participants received 56 g/day of either medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) or placebo for 24 weeks. Serum β-hydroxybutyrate concentrations, apolipoprotein-E4 status, and cognitive assessments were carried out. Due to the small number of participants only the raw scores were examined.
    Intake of MCT oil increased serum ketone bodies and improved memory, while intake of placebo did not show improvement in any of the cognitive measures tested.
    Consumption of 56 g/day of MCTs for 24 weeks increases serum ketone concentrations and appears to be a candidate for larger randomized control trials in the future that quantify the modulation of cognitive function through supplementation with ketone precursors, in patients with MCI.

  2. Jeroen
  3. Steven
    Founded by the Arnold's, who also helped to found Taubes' NuSi foundation!

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