Coming soon: Cooking keto with Kristie

Do you like food? Do you eat a low-carb or keto diet? Then we have something very special coming up for you.

Feel free to have a look at the video above, featuring me and the fantastic Kristie Sullivan (transcript).

Our popular short keto cooking videos were just the beginning, we have a lot more coming up, starting next week… can you guess what?


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  1. Olga
    OMG, can't wait to see cooking with Kristie!
    I follow her on YouTube and I adore her!
    Her recepies are easy, children approved, taste grate and cheap $$$.
    Dr. Andreas, thank you for your great website, all hard work you and your team does!
    You , literally saving lives !!!
  2. Bev
    I love cooking with Kristie free on You Tube - I hope this move behind your membership paywall doesn't mean the free You Tube channel fades

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