How do you combat stress eating?

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How do you combat stress eating? Does kombucha and fermented tea fit into the low-carb diet? And can you use rape-seed oil to cook on a low-carb diet?

These and other questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

Stress eater


I am a definite stress and emotional eater. When I am on vacation I can go a week and not even think about carbs. When I am stressed, the only thing on my mind is high-carb foods such as desserts (typically decadent ones) but a candy bar (or three) will often suffice.

I can’t make my stress and emotions go away, it comes with my job. Any advice on how to disconnect those foods from those emotions? I really want to lose 80+ pounds (36 kg) and feel like this is my biggest hurdle.


Dear Kris, this is very common and physical too, when your stress hormones increase, your brain wants a quick fix and that is carbs. I suggest that you start by visiting this site and buy the book, the sleep tape and relaxator.

I read the book and did all the testing and exercises some years ago and it is one if the most simple and effective anti-stress tools to start with. From there I suggest you search for more tools to handle your stressors. Stress and being tired are the most common causes of relapse. You need to work on balance.

Take care,

Does kombucha and fermented tea fit into the LCHF diet?

I have been making my own kombucha and enjoy the taste and believe that it has digestive benifits. I use brewed black tea, fruit tea and ½ cup (1 dl) of refined white sugar to ferment for 10 days with a SCOBY (simbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) – a second fermentation is done after the addition of berries or ginger for three days.


I don’t see why not, if it does not cause cravings that lead to overeating carbs it is OK.


Rape-seed oil?

Dear Bitten,

Thanks for you last reply. Very helpful. I have already started to follow it with good results and taste.

I would like your comments on rape-seed oil for cooking as this has been gaining popularity lately and is being found safe for cooking due to very high smoke point. I am from an Indian background and ghee (purified butter) is commonly used in cooking. It is very high in saturated fat. Do you think ghee is OK to use?



Absolutely, ghee is excellent to use, I always have ghee at home, I cook with it, use it in my coffee and give to my dogs. No oils in the frying pan for me.

My best,


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