How to combat carb cravings between meals?

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What can you do to combat carb cravings between meals? Can you eat rhubarb on a low-carb diet? And how do you cook low-carb-friendly family dinners?

These and other questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN:

What can I do to combat carb cravings between meals?

I am a big carboholic and my drug of choice is pasta, how can I overcome that nagging craving for macaroni and cheese between meals.



That is usually a big problem in the beginning, having cravings. If you are eating a good LCHF diet, enough and in a good combination, I advise you to try something warm (coffee or tea) between meals and add one tablespoon of coconut oil and half a glass of room temperature water with one teaspoon of glutamine powder, which you’ll find at the health store (while there is no strong evidence supporting glutamine for this specific use, it does have some anecdotal and clinical success stories). If macaroni and cheese was a comfort food for you, it can be a hard habit to break. You can join our closed support group on Facebook “Sugarbomb in your brain” for more tools and support.

Wish you a craving-free future,

Rhubarb on a low-carb diet?


Just wondering if rhubarb is acceptable with this way of eating? I can’t find any mention of it anywhere.

Many thanks,

Hi Fiona,

You are right, I have not seen it used either and I think I know the reason. It is very tart and in every recipe I find there is a lot of sugar added and pie crust. But it is low in carbs, so if you eat it raw you are fine.


How do I cook low-carb-friendly family suppers?

What do I cook when I have a family dinner? My kids come to dinner with their children. What do I cook in place of spaghetti or potatoes and gravy, pies, ice cream, dessers etc.? I want to have them over more but I don’t know how to handle it. I’m very new to the low-carb way of life.



I cook a lot for friends and family and I serve them low carb and they love it. I use all the great recipes, cauliflower as “rice” and “mashed cauliflower” and many other great things with vegetables. Gravy I do with only heavy cream and there are several LCHF desserts too. Just keep looking and try it.

Welcome to the LCHF world,


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  1. Valerie
    When I'm having a mac-n-cheese craving (like last night--tired, stressed, sore, and with a mild cold), I saute riced cauliflower in (a lot of) butter and add a little garlic powder, onion powder, chicken base, and lots of shredded cheese. It makes a delicious, cheesy, squishy comfort food--and a fairly small amount is incredibly satisfying.
  2. cheryl
    I am on blood thinners and now I am told to not eat carbs . I live a lone and I don't do a lot of cooking . how do I stick to something I can't eat . I am not a veggie eater . I love fruit ,meat, spaghetti , chili , mac and cheese , rice , French fries , lunch meat and cheese , scrambled eggs , soymilk .and whole wheat bread .
  3. Guest
    Find an alternative diet?
  4. Philip
    Hi Fiona, Bitten
    In fact there are lots of low carb rhubarb recipes out there on the internet if you use Google. I’m delighted as I have tons of it going to waste in the garden!
    Cheers, Philip in a very sunny Wicklow, Ireland
  5. Trula Kinseth
    I find the crust in the meat pie and quiche satisfy any bread or pasta craving I might have. My grandson had some of my meat pie the other night, which he separated to try each ingredient. He announced that the crust tasted like a Chocolat chip cookie! For a picky 8 year old to love meat pie, especially the crust, was a great honor! Thank you Diet Doctor!

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