Coke sued for deception – just like Big Tobacco


Coca-Cola’s advertising strategies are just like Big Tobacco’s a few decades ago, claim activists who sue the company for “minimizing the health effects of its products and targeting children to replenish the ranks of its customers”:

After last year’s passings of soda taxes, and discovery that Big Soda paid scientists to downplay the devastating effect of sugar, this is yet another big blow to the industry.

The industry must really be biting it’s nails. It may just be a question of time before it has the same status as Big Tobacco has, after deceiving the public and damaging people’s health for profit.

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  1. Rulersindo Johnson
    Unfortunately, any legal action initiated by the vegan wackos at CSPI creates doubt among normal folks. It's like comrade Stalin condemning Hitler.
  2. BobM
    I have to agree with Rulersindo. Those CSPI folks are crazy. They are the ones who forced people into using partially hydrogenated oils, as they (CSPI) were terrified (still are) of saturated fat.

    They want cancer labels on bacon:

    They are suing over salt:

    When some believe the current guidelines for salt could CAUSE heart disease.

    If the suit against Coke came from anyone but CSPI, it would be useful. As it is, it'll be considered just one more odd action by a bunch of crazies.

  3. David
    I agree that CSPI is not the best of litigants against coke but what it will do is put the idea that sugar is bad in the media and at least some people will start to question it.
  4. Ann marie Cruz
    People are overweight because of there eating habits if you knw it's bad for you why eat it or drink it I was at 345 pounds 5 years ago I never blamed any one or any thing I ate it was my fault for eating it or drinking it I have been on a low carb and gluten free diet for almost 2 years and I'm now 208 pounds so my opinion is you are what you eat

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