Chinese balanced diet guideline: 250-400 g carbs

With a balanced diet guide from the Chinese Nutrition Society coming in at 250 – 400 gram carbs per day (source) it’s perhaps not surprising that China is now suffering a diabetes explosion.


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  1. Laura
    But the Chinese were slim while eating their traditional, rice-heavy diet. The new obesity trend seems much more likely to be caused by the recent addition of western foods like McDonalds, with more meat and fat, than the rice they ate for centuries.
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  2. Lori Miller
    From what I've read about China, the diet there wasn't heavy in anything over under communism.
  3. Tor H
    Glukose didn't make the chinese fat, so what is?
    The western diet contains lots of fructose and vegetable oils and that's what's making the chinese fat, just like in the western world.
  4. Dan
    Chinese do eat lots of rice over the course of their lives but they really don't eat huge quantities in a single sitting like westerners do. Also, traditionally they cooked with lard and that's now changed to seed oils just like the West.
  5. Pierre
  6. Mikrolille apparently and old taoist practise : )
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  7. Apicius
    Interesting, mikrolille. I have been to China many times on business, and in my dinners with work colleagues, I often ate meals without a single grain of rice. In fact, entire meals of just meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. When I asked why are we not eating rice, the response I got was "rice is for the peasants...unnecessary for us". No kidding...this was my experience eating authentically in China.
  8. Wiktoria
    This is absurd.Chinese people have eating rice and veggies and fish based diet for centuries and they were slim and trim.....Now all of them can afford red meat and fast food and THIS is why they are fat.
  9. Peter
    Up until the last 10 years, most chinese people ate rice based meals but in small quantities. One meal for an American would have served as an entire day's food supply for someone in China and that would have been considered a good day. Sugar was almost none existent in the diet with no coke, soda or heavily processed junk food of any kind. Bakery products and PUFA's were not a major feature in their diets.

    Given these absences, a rice based diet is pretty benign

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