Children who eat pasta have a better diet quality, says the National Pasta Association

Enjoying pasta time

According to the National Pasta Association, children who eat more pasta have a better overall diet quality. Well, must be true because science just doesn’t get less biased than this (cough, cough).

National Pasta Association: Children and Adolescents Who Eat Pasta Have Better Overall Diet Quality, New Research Shows

Not surprisingly, apparently nothing objectively measured about these kids health was better. They simply scored higher on things like following “healthy eating” guidelines, that recommend people to eat carbohydrates like pasta. Talk about a circular argument.

And you know, that’s exactly the kind of advice that marked the start of the obesity epidemic back in the early 80s. Perhaps because bad carbs like wheat flour (pasta) raises blood glucose and the fat-storing hormone insulin.

If you prefer a lower-carb alternative to pasta, check out our alternatives below.

Low-carb alternatives to pasta


  1. Karen
    So just out of curiosity, especially pertaining to gluten consumption also, but why aren't countries such as Italy having huge problems with diabetes, obesity and inflammatory diseases relating to gluten? These guys eat masses of carbs traditionally. I live in Holland, as a British expat, and here I find the Dutch are bonkers about their bread and eat copious amounts regularly, but again, there's not a high level of diabetes and they're all so slim. So if simple carbs and gluten are so bad for health, how come some countries appear very healthy in comparison to others, e.g UK, US, Mexico etc. I think every country in the world has had bread as a mainstay of it's diet throughout history. So with their huge pasta, rice and bread consumption, shouldn't Italy be the unhealthiest country in the world? Fresh produce can't offset everything can it?
  2. Keith
    In populations where insulin resistance from overconsumption of food and constant grazing from a box or sippy cup along with a progressively sedentary lifestyle have not yet become mainstay you don't see a lot of the problems associated with the Western Diet. Kudos to them. But, how can you reverse this and restore a natural balance? You take away the sippy cup. You give an alternative to boxed food. You consume what you need, when you need it. And you fix the insulin resistance. Diet Doctor is here to help people on that journey.

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