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We heard you! Diet Doctor members and visitors told us they needed more help finding a low-carb doctor. Now we have created an interactive map to do just that.

Take a look and let us know what you think. Granted, it is just the small start to what we hope will become an ever-growing list of low-carb and keto medical practitioners around the world. We know there are likely thousands out there and we want to eventually list them all.

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Over the last two months, we have been reaching out to all our medical contacts to grow an impressive list of global doctors who practise low-carb, keto medicine. We’ve been collecting doctors’ names and credentials and running inspiring quotes about the health transformations that have occurred after adopting low-carb eating not only for their patients, but for themselves.

I wrote a recent column about the bravery of these doctors in standing up to be counted, and why such a list matters. In short, it creates community and safety for doctors practising this way, it reassures patients of the growing medical awareness and acceptability of the diet, and it encourages new doctors to investigate, if not adopt, this approach.

Low-carb doctors proud to be counted — six reasons why it matters to world health

I also said in my column that it may help patients find a doctor willing to support them on their low-carb journey.

Well, you told us clearly, not so much.

After my column ran, we received dozens of messages that patients needed MORE help on that front. Our growing list was a positive step, but not enough. Messages were sent to me personally, left in comments on the column page or under the listings: Organize it by location! Make a map! Help me find a doctor!

So a team of us at Diet Doctor got busy and created this map that organizes these doctors by country, region and location. Click on the map marker pins. Read the inspiring testimonies. (Control-F will bring up a page search box where you can input the name of your location, enabling you to jump immediately to those doctors in that spot.)

Let us know what you think. It is a work in progress, but with your feedback we promise we will work to perfect it.

And if you are a doctor who should be listed here, send your complete information — full name, degree, title, location and website/contact info — to me, If you like, include a 100-word max testimony about your experience with low-carb and a head-shot photo.

If you know low-carb doctors who should be here, send him or her this link or send us their emails.

Together, we will grow this directory to include as many global doctors as possible.

Find a low-carb doctor


The find a low-carb doctor page is always available under “low carb” in the top menu.

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