Should you have cheat meals on low carb?

Should you have cheat meals on low carb? That’s one of the questions in this Q&A session where Dr. Michael Eades, Karen Thomson, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt and Emily Maguire answer questions related to low carb and sugar.

Watch the cheat meal question above (transcript). The full Q&A session is available on our member site:

Q&A About Low Carb and Sugar

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  2. John J
    A heroin addict to have a cheap shot once in awhile? Are you kidding me??? That is also beyond ridiculous. This whole video is showing you all have tremendous knowledge of diet but elementary school education on people skills. Food is something that has to be consumed heroin is not. Even in another area of your website, it says it is better to cheat on purpose because. let's face it it will inevitably happen. Then you go on this stage and preach nothing less than perfect abstinence needs to be happening. you are contradicting you on message on this website. Dr which is it? If you detect my upset that is good. It means maybe there is hope for you. I went to this section for support and got this shaming unprofessional message and I am just at a loss for words. I encourage you to watch yourselves, your body language and your crazy verbal response to this girl who anyone can tell, also quite amazed at your unfeeling complete lack of empathy answers. smh amazing
  3. Sam
    I got to agree. This was an extremely stupid and rude response. Why so much arrogance? Answer the girl instead of acting so high and mighty. Why does wanting to have carbs or a cheat day sound strange? It can happen and has happened!
  4. Memm
    This sounded like a response you'd get from a religion. "Why would you walk away from the Fat God?"

    The question is does a cheat meal have health impacts or not? That's what I want to know. Is increasing your carb intake after you're happy with your weight that terrible or not? Japan eats plenty of rice and they've got some of the healthiest, most long-lived people in the world.

    Going on keto, losing weight, then eating some more carbs and going between burning carbs and fat seems like it makes evolutionary sense since food is seasonal. Some seasons you go hunting and other seasons there is lots of fruit around.

    Since we burn both fat and carbs so well, why the heck wouldn't you want to burn both? Seems like humans are designed to burn both, and just like you shouldn't burn just carbs for an extended period of time, you probably wouldn't burn just fat for an extended period of time either. If burning carbs eventually builds up into insulin resistance, then what does burning just fat eventually build up to?

  5. Eric Leyton
    I've got to agree with the other commenters. This video is absolutely terrible. You are doing nothing to educate anyone. Not everybody that lives a low-carb lifestyle is addicted to sugar. I am addicted to sugar. And alcohol. And heroin. And I've been off all three for two years. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm going to have a cheat. I'm still going to keep it under a hundred carbs and under 3000 calories. I usually ingest 1700 calories and under 20 carbs. The answer to her question is to meticulously plan and don't deviate.

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