A chapter from Gary Taubes’ The Case Against Sugar

A person in latex gloves making pink cotton candy on a stick

Science-writer Gary Taubes, arguably one of the greatest modern influencers in the obesity debate, is releasing his new book The Case Against Sugar today. And now you have the chance to get an early sneak peek into it:

Aeon: The Case Against Sugar

Order The Case Against Sugar on Amazon


The Sugar Wars – Gary Taubes and His Case Against Sugar

Is Gary Taubes Vindicated?

Videos with Gary Taubes

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  • The problem with sugar
  • Q&A with Gary Taubes


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  2. gbl
    Sugar: The Hidden Benefits

    "And curiously, the autopsy on Rasputin revealed no traces of poison, leading to theories that the cyanide was either neutralized by the sugar in the cakes, or was past its expiry date."


  3. Armin
    Don't get the book if you're looking for personal advice. Everything is on a level that it applies to the industry and people groups at large, not individuals. It really is a case study - like in a court case - not nutritional advice.

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