One of our favorite low carb movies: Cereal Killers

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What if everything you knew about nutrition was wrong? That’s the big question behind the low-carb movie Cereal Killers.

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt reviewed the movie when it was released a few years ago. Cereal Killers – among other movies – is available for instant streaming on our membership site.

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  1. Kate Snave
    I did the Atkins diet 40 years ago, I.lost 150 pounds going on zero carbs for six months. True I felt great, pounds melting off. But I needed a supportive partner. If you don't have that then you're screwed!
    Then I lost 150 more pounds when I divorced him!
    Good luck, I'm back with KETO, just starting right now.
  2. Bren Starr
    I did low carb back in the mid 90s. Lost weight to my goal but kept getting comments like " you need to stop, you look haggad." No one wanted to be told that they look like a hag. Next I did calorie counting, lost the weight. Was not sustainable because I was always hungry and anticipating the day when I'd lose the weight and could "eat what I wanted". I did not know then but do now that I had hyperinsulimia and the only diet for me is KETO, get the insulin under control, then can lose weight easily and keep it off.

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