The cause of heart disease – and the tests that can save your life

What is the true cause of heart disease – and what are the tests that could save your life?

Here’s an interesting new presentation with Ivor “The Fat Emperor” Cummins (check out our recent interview below).

The Fat Emperor: Heart Disease Root Causes – and the Tests That Can Save Your Life!

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  1. robert
    Somebody not liking CAC scans in this recent video.


  2. Sean K
    This is the clearest explanation of the causes and dangers of insulin resistance that I have ever seen. Ivor Cummins refers to Insulin resistance as a "metabolic catastrophe".
    Secondly, Ivor Cummins makes a clear case for the use of CT calcium scores as a superior screen for heart disease and predictor of heart attack risk.
    As a GP (Family doctor), this has changed my practice in 2 ways:
    1. Incorporating fasting and postload insulin measurements for more patients
    2. increased use of CT CAL in cardiovascular risk assessment

    What is less clear to me is what to do with Dr Kraft's 2,3,4 pattern diabetes in situ in people with normoglycaemia. Does it mean more than they will soon develop type 2 diabetes? Are their endothelial cells undergoing oxidative stress?

  3. Alan
    Such a brilliant presentation. I've been forwarding it to everyone!

    Thank you Ivor!

  4. Ellie McNiece
    Fabulous presentation by Ivor! I have had - all my life - incredibly high cholesterol levels. Ridiculously high - to the point where doctors hand me a script for statins telling me to "Run, do not walk but run to your chemist and fill this script". I'm currently seeing a cardiologist who is pro-LCHF and he's great but I still don't understand a lot about the dangers of high cholesterol - if there is still a danger like I was told 30 years ago. This explanation of insulin resistance and how it's the killer, and not cholesterol, is the simplest I've ever read. I have a much clearer idea of the reason I am, and have been for now years, LCHF. I'm now going to Google Ivor Cummings and read/watch everything he's ever said on the topic. I still have a lot to learn. Thank you for sharing this information.

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