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Risk of Heart Disease – Have We Missed the Elephant in the Room?

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Is it possible that we’ve missed the big elephant in the room regarding heart disease? Why might it be a waste of time to focus on cholesterol? And what should we do instead to prevent heart disease?

Ivor Cummins explains it all to you in this great talk from the recent Low Carb USA conference.

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Framingham and the Muddy Waters, Part 1 – Ivor Cummins

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Here’s what our members have said about the presentation (in additon to giving it a 4.9/5 rating):

The world as well as dietdoctors website needs more content from Ivor!
– Niklas

I so agree! Here is a link from Ivor Cummins blog regarding calcium scans: www.thefatemperor.com. I did ‘t know about this type of scan but was so impressed that I made an appointment for such a scan in the near future. Keeping my fingers crossed ?
– Francoise

A great presentation. Looking forward to part 2.
– Lesley

Framingham and the Muddy Waters, Part 1 – Ivor Cummins

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The next conference

The presentation is from this year’s Low Carb USA. It’s the top low-carb conference in the US. Next year’s conference will take place August 3 – 6, 2017 in San Diego. Sign up now for an early bird discount (50% off).
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