Are all carbohydrates equally bad?

Are all carbs equal – or are some forms worse than others? Dr. Jason Fung believes that there are some significant differences.

Watch a part of our interview above (transcript). In the full interview Dr. Fung discusses these questions further:

  • What are the important differences between different kinds of carbs?
  • What happened to populations before and after the introduction of sugar?
  • How much sugar is safe to eat?
  • Is it safe to eat fruit?
  • How many carbs can healthy individuals vs. people with metabolic problems eat?
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Are All Carbohydrates Equally Bad? – Dr. Jason Fung

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  1. Wendy Candiano
    Very interesting theory
  2. Anita
    I disagree with the notion that carbs and sugar is bad. I was diabetic. I am no longer diabetic. I lost 106 lbs in total 2 yrs ago and easily keeping it off at age 60. I eat a LOT of carbs. I have to because I exercise hard and ride my bike all year long. Yes at first My carb tolerance was very low, like 15 grams max per meal. Now I can have 60 to 100 grammars at a sitting and no problems not even reactive hypes which were a problem tilli went on HRT. I never starved myself or fasted longer than 16 hours. What I did do was test my blood sugar before a meal, never eating unless my bg was 5.4 or lower. Then test again at 1 hour, then at 2 hours, to determine what carbs were bad choices and which were good for me. Guess what I discovered, (and what my husband who is a baker said all along) commercial bread of any kind is pure sugar to our bodies. The flour is milled so fine. So i still have some bread but only occasionally. But I can eat a giant bowl of oatmeal and flax with dates or brown sugar and no sugar spikes. Reason is the fiber content AND the type of fiber. Adding good fats is also good, fats don't need insulin. My blood work is absolutely stellar. Another thing us older women need to understand that doctors overlook is loss of hormones adds to insulin resistance. Almost overnight my sugars normalized and stabilized (no more highs and lows) when I went on bio identical hormones. Now my normal bg is 4.7 to 5.1 2 years ago I was in double digits and exhausted! We don't need to eat 3 squares and 2 snacks thats BS. Eat1 or 2 x a day. Only eat when you're really hungry. I eat 2 meals about 1000 calories each. Some days if I don't exercise I eat less. Female 60 post menopause, hypothyroid on natural dessicated thyroid, estrogen and progesterone and pregnenolone, wear size 8, 160 lbs and 22 %body fat. Look and feel vetter than I did at age 30!

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