“I cannot believe I can eat like this and lose weight!”


Over 125,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge. In it you get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on low carb.

Here are reactions from the people who have tried it over the last two weeks:


Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,

I’ve been thinking about trying keto for months now, but haven’t had the time to research on what exactly to eat. Thank you for this me and my girl lost 12 lbs (5 kg) each the first week then the second week remained stable until the last day of the second week when I lost a couple more pounds.

Overall, I’ve been so impressed I got my mom and step-dad on the diet. Delicious food, full all day, and lose weight while feeling great… Who wouldn’t recommend this!

I just want to send you a BIG thank you for making this so easy!


Hi – I love it!

The first week was overwhelming with so many recipes… But I managed to prepare three or four different meals on a Sunday for the week – just increased the amount of servings. It may be repetitious – but it works for me. Cooking during the week is nearly impossible for someone who works full time.

Next week I will prepare a few different dishes the same way. I really love the oopsie bread! Made two batches of tuna melts with canned in water tuna – really good! Plan on making a dough out of the oopsie bread and make a calzone or use it as a pie shell.


Hello Dr Andreas,

I can’t thank you enough, it was only last year I was getting persistent migraines that would last for a couple of days and I just felt unwell all the time. My wife booked me in to see a doctor who took my blood pressure, it was 198/160! A cause for concern. After several months of progressively increasing medication (10 mg ramipril, 5 mg Amlodipine) I settled at 150/110, better but not ideal.

About a month ago, I started looking into weight loss as I’m about 8 kg (18 lbs) over what I want to be. Quora, my favourite place to do my research was suggesting a ketogenic diet is the way forward. That’s when I found your website, it was a challenge to ignore a lifetime of health advise that we all took without question but ignore it I did. I even convinced my wife to take it up and we’ve both enjoyed, yes enjoyed, this diet or should I say way of life. We’ve both dieted before, but it never lasted as you just end up feeling miserable and that’s not an emotional state anyone can sustain.

I take my blood pressure not as often as I should but I did last week and I nearly fell off my chair, it was 110/60! I wasn’t expecting that much of a change. I’ve now got myself booked in to see my doctor to see if I can reduce or even come off my medication.

Since starting this diet my mood has improved, I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure is down and I generally feel good. Your website has been a massive help to me, full of useful information and loads of fantastic recipes. It’s my go to site now for everything keto.

Thank you for helping me make a positive change to my life.


It really helped me break a plateau! I cannot believe I can eat like this and lose weight!


LOVED it!! The food – scary at first: fat, cream, butter!!!- was fantastic!!! I was full!! Wow! Lost 7 pounds (3 kg) first week!!! Effortlessly!!!

Website – from recipes, grocery lists, to all the interesting podcasts – absolutely the best I have ever seen. To have the daily emails support the menus and day – encouraging and made me feel connected to ‘your’ LCHF team! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Second week was a bit harder – menus seemed less appealing but most were still tasty (have to try new to see if like it, right?). Weight loss reversed a bit (maybe felt a little hungrier and ate a little more?). Stuck with it and weight came back off!

Starting week 3! I am a member now! Fantastic!! I wonder if website could allow substituting menus as I print out the grocery list from there and print the week… I suppose a few more weeks and I will be able to do without depending on in same way as I am printing recipes as I go and building a LCHF recipe binder ;) I have never eaten such variety and tried so many new recipes in two weeks – think of all those cookbooks I used to buy.

Truly, Diet Doctor, BEST PLAN AND EXECUTION OF PLAN EVER!! I will spread news and am delighted to be a member!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!! To the rest of weight coming off now and LIVING LIFE!!!!!


I was already a member but had stalled. This challenge got me going again on the strict keto diet, and I am back on track. So thanks



This diet really saved my life. I feel much better. My health is better and my whole life changed. Thank you so much for your very kind cooperation.


Hi guys,

First of all thanks so much for the work you are doing.

At the beginning I felt a bit skeptical about if the new diet would work. I am a photographer and mountain guide and my diet is fundamental to train daily and be able to do activities such as skiing, climbing, hiking… And be able to take pictures while doing them.

I’ve been questioning the way I was eating (too many carbs and not much fat) but felt that it was not working, so thanks to a well known Spanish blog site that shares information about meteorology, ski tours and snow conditions (http://lameteoqueviene.blogspot.com.es/). In the blog are many references about your work, so I started being curious about it.

These first 2 weeks have been easier than I thought to follow the diet, my main concern was to quit bread, but, I had not had issues at all, and I do not miss bread to be honest. My energy levels are fine, I feel that I have pretty much the same energy level throughout the day.

First week I had some minor leg cramps however drinking water with salt fix the matter.

Second week time to time I felt dizzy, it is not a big thing, I guess it is the adaptation process.

I had lost 0.5 kg (1 lbs) which is quite a lot to me, I am now 61.5 kg (136 lbs) heavy, considering that weight loss was not mainly what I wanted to achieve this half kg it is a bonus, however I had not lost strength, as I keep climbing as strong as before.

I will keep eating a LCHF diet as I see is working fine.

I think you are doing a great job, everything is clear and easy to follow, the recipes that you suggest are tasty and fun to eat, the only suggestion to improve things I can think of would be to have all the info in Spanish also, as unfortunately here in Spain not many people master the English language.

Kind regards and once more thank you and congratulations for your great work!

Diet Doctor,

It was really difficult at first, since from all my life my diet was based on rice, potatoes, and bread and sugary things. I won’t deny that I was doubting I would make the first week. I had withdrawal sensations from sugar abstinence: headaches, tiring, shaking. Yet, after a few days the symptoms starting to decrease, the energy to pop up and the most amazing thing happens is that I lost 9 pounds (4 kg) in less than two weeks. I have not been able to lose way for a long time.

Thank you,

Good. I have subscribed and am continuing on the keto diet plan for controlling sugar addiction. Have watched several videos and am finally getting the tools to figure how to deal with this puzzling and debilitating condition that I have been dealing get with all my life. I really like the variety of plans with shopping lists, etc. It is exactly what I needed. This is day 21 with no sugar which is a huge step for me. Just beginning this journey but finally I think I have found something that will work.

Thank you so much.


I must say that your challenge is great. I have been reading books and scouting Internet on LCHF for a long time (I think from September last year) and your challenge was the reason I started. The recipes and menus are great, I look for an idea every day and the metric units really helped since I’m from Europe. The reason I started wasn’t to lose weight, but the energy that you say comes and the hunger disappears. That’s where I’m a bit disappointed because in two weeks I haven’t reached that point and I’m still stuck on 16:8 IF with no clear results. I’m planning to go ahead for a few weeks and see where it gets me.

Nevertheless, I thank you and give you a big thumbs up because the videos, interviews and recipes really helped and I will continue to visit your site further.

Best regards,

Hi Andreas,

I wanted to know more about a low-carb diet because while on holiday with my husband, I started each day on porridge with some yoghurt and some fruit whereas he enjoyed bread with cheese, cold meats and perhaps some jam. We ate roughly the same throughout the day – meat or fish, pasta/potatoes/rice plus mostly salads (because we were exchanging the English winter for some winter-sun. We did not have desserts but the odd piece of cake for an afternoon tea break.

Our scales showed that I’d lost 2.5 kg (6 lbs) – well, I also swam and walked quite a lot, i.e. generally quite active and probably a bit more than my husband, who, after 3 weeks hadn’t lost any weight.

This was the start for getting serious about low carb and we both did the 2-week course. We enjoyed most meals very much – we both had porridge in the morning, rather than the egg breakfast because it suited us better. Lunch and dinner were according to your plan and we were surprised how tasty the ‘new’ pizza tasted. We loved the meatballs – used the sauce like ketchup rather than added it to the frying pan. The chicken with olives was another favourite – the minced meat with cabbage – not too keen but I shall wrap the minced meat in cabbage leaves, add some grated cheese and cream and oven bake.

I’ve only lost 800 grams (2 lbs) during these two weeks but I can’t ask for a lot more as I’d lost quite a lot of weight prior to the fortnight on low carb. My husband has lost 2 kg (4 lbs) and is very happy – we shall both continue with a low-carb lifestyle and I’ll subscribe to the free monthly trial.

Last but not least I’d like to thank you very much for putting this program together. You’re asking for possible improvements and I just couldn’t find anything that needs improving. Everything one ought to know is there, easy to understand and the recipes are very tasty. I was looking forward to each message in order to find out what was next on the menu-plan. Fabulous idea – thank you so much.

I shall spread the word – best wishes from Anny

I have struggled with my weight my whole life and have hypothyroidism. Despite my commitment, doctors just keep telling me to restrict, restrict, restrict. I got to the point where I was eating something like 800 calories per day and not losing a pound.

When I counted and realized this, I upped my calories to about 1500, the supposed minimum required. I then started losing weight, but very slowly. I was also tired all the time and didn’t have energy or motivation for much of anything. Many years ago I did the LCHF lifestyle and lost about 40 lbs (18 kg) before people convinced me to stop because it was supposedly dangerous. I gained the weight back, and nothing else has worked since. So I decided to try it again, and found the 2-week challenge, which I did to get myself the feel for it again. I think most days I’ve been eating at least 1000 more calories than I had been. And I still managed to lose 4 lbs (2 kg) in 2 weeks, and 1/2 to 1-inch (1-2 cm) everywhere. That alone is enough to keep me going, but I also have the energy and motivation that I couldn’t ever summon up before. Apart from a couple hours of nausea one day, I didn’t see any sign of this “keto flu” thing. And just as a bonus, the food was delicious.

The only real issue I had was with the recipes on the website. Some days I cooked extra servings and had the same lunch for a few days, so I cooked only 1 serving of dinner for those days. The calculations for changing the number of servings do not always work correctly, and I had to calculate them myself. For example, if the 4-serving version required something like 1/2 tsp salt, when I switched it to 1 serving, it would say “cup salt.”


Hi Andreas,

I thought the low-carb challenge was great! Having attempted a ketogenic diet around 12 months ago for about 2 weeks, I had a rough idea what I was in for regarding the keto flu.

However, whereas last time I was under-prepared, your daily recipes and weekly shopping guides were a great help. Furthermore, the visual guides provided on the website regarding what is low carb was a great help. Although it should be obvious in most cases, having a quick visual reference was very useful.

For myself, I lost 3 kg (7 lbs) during the 2-week challenge, and it could have easily been more had I been more strict. I intend to continue this diet for at least another 6 weeks to see how I go with further weight loss.

I have definitely noticed a more balanced energy level throughout the day, although this is offset slightly by a lower energy level during high intensity workouts. I intend to get a blood test at the end of the 6-week period to evaluate if there have been any changes in cholesterol.

Personally I find the theoretical case for a long-term ketogenic diet/lifestyle quite compelling if it can be clearly shown that there are no adverse side effects.

Hope this feedback is useful…

Kind regards,

Hi Andreas,

I have found the low-carb challenge to be extremely useful and whilst I deviated from it to use my own ideas I found the videos and information very interesting and useful. I have also used some of the great recipes and will continue to do so. Being a former pizza addict the low-carb pizza recipe in particular was excellent and very tasty!

All the best,
(28 pounds [13 kg] in weight lost since the start of January!)

Hello Dr. Eenfeldt

Thank you for this opportunity.

My husband and I have remarked on this journey together and are so pleased we did! My husband has lost in the region of 6 kg (13 lbs) and I have lost just over 4 kg (9 lbs) and feel so much better, so much lighter!

I feel more alert and my water retention was drastically reduced. Climbing stairs and general physical work is no longer a burden. What a pleasure!

Thank you so much for all your information provided, as well as, all the easy to make delicious recipes (doesn’t feel like a diet!!) .

Best regards,

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