Can you eat keto at Subway?

Can you get low-carb food at fast-food restaurants? Ivor Cummins and Bjarte Bakke went to a number of fast-food restaurants to find out. How do you think it went?

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Keto and fast food

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Keto fast food


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  1. Catherine Heiby
    Yes you can eat Keto at Subway. There is offered low carb fare, you choose what you want on it minus the bread. Its served in a bowl.
  2. Jason Lee
    Hmm, I’m not convinced that eating subway’s meat is a healthy choice. Their ham etc. is re- constituted rubbish and possibly contains sodium nitrite which has been linked to certain forms of cancer.The menu boards in subway behind the counter have to state this by law but this is printed in such small size lettering that it cannot be read easily by the customers. Better to avoid such eating places as subway and Mac Donalds altogether.
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  3. Gentiann
    What about this:
    " the National Academy of Sciences, the American Cancer Society and the National Research Council all agree that there's no proof of cancer risk from consuming sodium nitrite."

  4. Barbara
    Have tried the Subway "bowls". Not knowing what is in the dressings, I did not put on the salad. Ended up being very boring, with no flavor. Doubt I will try again.
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  5. JoJo
    Barbara, how about oil, vinegar and mayo? Add salt and pepper, oregano and parm, too!
  6. Art
    The mayo and the southwest sauce at subway is very low carb (less than 2gr per 100gr) BUT made with vegetable oils, so not healthy. I order the salad to take away and add proper avocado mayo in the office. Actually subway's web site had a PDF with most macros (minus protein but you can calculate it yourself by taking total calorie, deducting calories from fat and carbs and dividing the rest by 4
  7. Katerina
    It depends on your definition of food and of keto. If you just look at a percentage of carbs, proteins and fats and do not bother of the quality and the degree of food processing you probably can eat at Subway and Mac Donalds.

    After 5 years of LCHF my view on what is food had changed and also how this food should smell and taste. However a few weeks ago I've tested a bunless burger at Burger King at Zurich Airport while being on a busines trip. Well in theory it is easy, you just buy a single burger, remove the bun and eat the rest with mineral water, no brainer isn't it? Your coleagues also will be happy as they will get thier desire of eating burgers fulfilled. But the reality was very different. That was the most tasteless, dry, cardboard like meat I've ever eaten before. All the dressings in the World couldn't hide this bad quality of meat. So lesson was learned and on the next trip I was fasting while my coleagues were indulging in their burgers at whatever fast food chain that was in sight. Autophagy is good for me!

  8. Someone
    I didn’t see anything to read. Where is the article on Can You Eat Keto At Fast Food Restaurants?
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  9. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I didn’t see anything to read. Where is the article on Can You Eat Keto At Fast Food Restaurants?

    Here's the link!

  10. Brenda
    Obviously, this is not good for a steady diet. But in a pinch, fast food can keep you on track. I often go to professional events where they supply lunch. I always hope for a salad, but usually it's a box sandwich thing. Just yesterday I had a "gluten free" meal with a sandwich, potato chips, cookie, and pickle. I ate the turkey, lettuce and tomato with a bit of mayo and the pickle; ditched the chips, cookie, and gluten free bread as I had no idea what was it it. I was fine. Not optimal, but I was fine. Sometimes you have to live in the world.
  11. Sherrie Hanes
    I get the Italuan BMT in a bowl and use vinegar and pil, salt and pepper and then add all the veggies I want. It's awesome.
  12. Norine
    So I work in Subway the only keto friendly sauce are mayo, vinegar, oil, and Vinaigrette. For the meat. Tuna, chicken strips, pepperoni and salami and bacon.

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