Calling all low-carb doctors: sign a letter protesting misinformed reporting

The doctor writes a prescription .

Are you a doctor who has seen dramatic health improvements in yourself or your patients from eating a low-carb or ketogenic diet?

If so, a newly formed US advocacy organization, the Low-Carb Action Network, wants your help. They want you to add your name and credentials to an open letter to US News & World Report, protesting its misinformed stance on low-carb and ketogenic diets.

“Sign our open letter from doctors to @USNews to develop a balanced and evidence-based approach to nutrition,” the organization tweeted last week.

Called L-CAN for short, the new group, formed in December 2019, is a coalition of doctors, researchers, academics and “normal people” who have experienced firsthand the positive impact of low-carb eating.

The steering committee consists of a number of well-known low-carb advocates — and Diet Doctor regulars — including Dr. Nadir Ali, Dr. Charles Cavo, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Dr. Georgia Ede, Dr. Jeffry Gerber, Dr. Eric Westman and more.

Their main goal is advocating for a true low-carb diet (under 25% carbs) to be added to the official Dietary Guidelines for Americans as a viable dietary option.

But recently they have taken issue with US News & World Reports‘ consistent reporting that ignores the growing body of good scientific evidence in support of the diet. For example, recently the magazine published a highly critical article about a trial of the ketogenic diet among veterans with diabetes. And its annual “Best Diets” report every January always places the ketogenic diet near last.

The well-written open letter notes:

Low-carb diets have now been tested in numerous clinical trials on thousands of people. These tests show that the diet is safe and effective in combating diet-related diseases. The evidence is especially strong for type 2 diabetes.

We, as doctors, welcome skepticism, yet we wonder why US News has been so excessively critical of a new, evidence-based approach that in our view, offers the first truly promising solution to a tragic epidemic.

L-CAN notes that the magazine is not the only organization seemingly intent on ignoring the evidence. It notes that in creating the 2015 Dietary Guidelines, the USDA committee ignored some 70 clinical trials demonstrating the effectiveness of low-carb diets. L-CAN does not want important scientific evidence to again be ignored.

Note: Although this petition is now closed, you can still check out L-CAN’s website mission.

Also, any low-carb doctors around the world who have not already joined our growing map of low-carb providers are welcome to contact me,


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