1. Holy cow!!!
  2. Looks like a good deal to me!
    Where do I sign?
  3. Jenn (NZ)
    ONE pound of butter?! Ditto what Jimmy said... Holy Cow!
  4. So, is this the $70/lb 'smuggled' stuff? Or, is it like Jimmy said, from a Holy Cow?

    Maybe we need to go back to telling everyone that "FAT IS BAD!" so that we won't have that problem here in the US...

    Seriously, though... if everybody started eating LCHF (preferably semi-paleo), what would you doctors do for a living?

  5. Stang
    I'd eat a pound of butter in front of them for an R8.
  6. I want that car....! ;)
  7. Nads
  8. Jill
    I don't think we will have a butter shortage in Australia any time soon.
  9. I think the butter looks better than the car!
  10. SL
    A better deal than you think, actually, as 500g is a bit more than a pound... :-)


  11. Margaretrc
    This is wonderful, sad and hilarious all at once! Wonderful that so many are eating LCHF in Norway, sad that butter is so hard to come by there and hilarious that 500g of butter is used as a draw to get people to buy a car. A car! Unbelievable. I look forward to and hope the day comes when that happens here. Sort of.
  12. Joe
    It's a joke, Margaret.
  13. Margaretrc
    Oops. Yeah, I should have known. I'm just way too gullible.
  14. JY
    Too funny! The ad agency that created this should win an award.
  15. Michael
    While they still seem to be buying our cars, they're way ahead in another respect:
    Our butter is sold in measly packages of 250g !
  16. Meatsallad
    In Sweden we have butter in packages of 1000g.
  17. I even buy 1000g packs ecological butter.
    250g? That's about what my family would use in a day!
  18. Michael
    1000g is considered something a restaurant or catering service orders :)

    How strange this all is, and just how stupid the answers are if one tries
    to explain it to people ... can't help but resort to concluding:
    "... and I won't visit you in hospital !"

  19. Nads
    1 kg of butter (1000g) isn't that much - it's only 2 pounds. I can easily go through 250g in a day too!!
  20. Brigitta
    Forget using hot girls to sell cars... use BUTTER!
  21. Brigitta
    I can drive my car while eating butter by the stick.
  22. We have no shortage of butter here in Canada, but there's a distinct shortage of Audi R8's ...

    If only there were a "Buy Butter, get car!" giveaway ... Unfortunately, that does seem *somewhat* unreasonable to hope for.

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