“Butter Unlikely to Harm Health, but Margarine Could Be Deadly”


How’s this for a nice headline?

The Telegraph: “Butter Unlikely to Harm Health, but Margarine Could Be Deadly”

This is just one example from hundreds of headlines around the world in the last two days. They’re all based on a new review in The British Medical Journal, looking at all available observational data on the intake of saturated fat and trans fat and risk of disease.

The review finds no association between saturated fat and any bad health effects. On the other hand, industrial trans fat – as used to be find in large quantities in margarine – is associated with heart disease. No such association can be found to naturally occurring trans fat from real food.

This review basically finds the same thing as dozens of recent articles: There’s no evidence that eating butter is anything but perfectly fine for our health. Decades of scaremongering has more or less been based on pure speculation.

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