“Bullying, mobbing and victimization”: Gary Fettke says “enough is enough”


After years of “bullying, mobbing and victimization”, the doctor who couldn’t be silenced has decided that he will not sign a 3-year contract to continue working in the Australian public hospital system until his concerns have been addressed.

Dr. Gary Fettke’s story

Gary Fettke is an orthopedic surgeon from Tasmania, Australia. He’s worked hard to counsel his patients with advanced diabetes to reduce their carb intake, to try to save them from having to amputate limbs.

In a similar way to Professor Tim Noakes, in November 2016, authorities have tried to silence him: he was effectively banned from giving nutritional advice to his patients or the public for the rest of his medical career.

But Dr. Fettke refused to be silenced. Believing strongly that as a doctor he should be able to offer lifestyle advice to his patients, he stood up against the dogma and has continued to help his patients through lifestyle interventions.

Knowing that as a result he could lose his medical license, Dr. Fettke made the decision to continue to give out empowering nutritional advice “as a matter of principle”.

The doctor who could not be silenced shouts back

In an open letter explaining his decision not to sign a 3-year contract to continue in the public hospital system, Fettke writes of “seven years of inappropriate behavior by both senior administration and allied health practitioners”. He stresses how unfair this is since there has been not a single incident of patient harm (and most probably a lot of the opposite).

Until there is a satisfactory resolution of my bullying, mobbing and victimisation claims, and more importantly, the acknowledgement and satisfactory resolution of the many breaches of my current Visiting Medical Practitioners agreement, my situation is untenable. It is impossible for me to continue to provide best practice to my patients, and indeed the broader community, when I have been unsupported and undermined in my work place since 2012. Particularly as there has been no incident of patient harm, nor patient complaint regarding my circumstances.

What can you do?

Dr. Fettke’s open letter comes with a request. He asks us to spread his post far and wide and post a comment to show support.

It also comes with an invitation: “Be noisy with me”. Follow this link to share your support and be noisy with Gary Fettke


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  1. Vicki Sach
    Good on him. I was in one of Melbourne’s biggest teaching hospitals recently as a family member was placed in the only available bed...in a dementia ward. There I saw what the dementia patients (one of whom was my age, around 59 years old) were being fed. Blue Gatorade, highly processed carbs, sugar by the truckload including processed fruit juice. It was horrific. On a previous hospital visit, a man with an amputated lower leg was given his breakfast cereal...CocoPops, basically cereal candy. I hoped his amputation wasn’t a result of diabeties. Hospitals have no nutritional clue.
  2. Jocelyn
    Congratulations Dr Fettke. I admire your determination to keep fighting at great personal cost to yourself and your family. Eventually you will succeed in your mission to bring healthy food that meets the patients needs and addresses their health issues.
  3. David Driscoll
    You are hilarious Gary. Your bluff is called constantly and you bypass it - you just keep playing the victim and ignoring that inconvenient science that disproves your positions (that you claim are evidence based).

    Just look at his latest Low Carb video on 'Is Fruit Good or Bad for you'. He misquotes a few studies and then invents a statement about the Tappy being a landmark paper - and then ignores most of its conclusions re fructose!

    Just one of dozens of scientific indiscretions - but his fans luckily never check his evidence or know it well enough to call him on it.

    Reply: #19
  4. Carol
    You are a disgrace David Driscoll. Why be a troll on this site when there are plenty of sites you could join that line up with your twisted views?
  5. Ginger
    I know it's relevant to alternative health providers, but I'd appreciate not having to be confronted with political issues on this website. It takes me away from the focus of improving my diet and losing weight.
  6. Peter
    Reading this reminds me of my beginning diabetes career, Type 1, 2010, in Switzerland. Calculating carbs was not of this world. Unbeleavable.
    Living in a misers for about 6 years I learned about Dr. Bernstein a US diabetes doctor. I donwloades his two books, Kindle system. On Youtube just search for Dr. Bernstein and/or Diabetes University. You will find plenty of videos, very interesting.
    The way he is treating diabetes is very effektive: LOW CARB, that's the secret.

    Later in Germany I received a three week diabetes training course, low carb and carb calculation. The less carb you eat, the better for you and your diabetes because you will need less insulin. In my opinion it's an assault or even a mayhem.

    As you live in the English speaking part of the world I recommend an App called RAPIDCALC, this App really helps me a lot.

    All the best to you, Dr. Fettke, the way you are beeing treated seem unbelievable.

  7. Debra
    #iSupportGary!! Bullying is unacceptable in any form!!!!!! I have reaped the benefits of low carb and healthy fat for the past year and will never go back!
  8. Elles
    Wish you a lot of sugarsweet weight and a merry diabetes mr Driscoll.....? keep on going!
  9. janet to
    this is ludicrous! maybe it is the big business that is driving this.
    just imagine; if we cure diabetes how many big businesses would go out of business.

    where would all the syringes and test and medical doctors be if there were no one who was sick with diabetes.
    what about all the insulin and packaging and insurance go.


  10. janet to
    i can't believe that a hospital is remarking on this doctors nutrition savvy.
    look what the hospitals feed their patients!
  11. Joe Richmond
    I recently visited a friend in a well known Melbourne Private Hospital who was battling Type II Diabetes. I happened to be there when lunch was being served and was astounded at what was being served:
    a): Fruit Cordial?
    b): Vegetable Soup - the good option
    c): Sandwiches made from cheap white bread?
    d) Stewed fruit with a crumble ?

    The question I would love to pose to the Medical Fraternity in Australia. If 1.7 million Australians have diabetes (I could be wrong) how is it that there is no data available to the health system to treat this disease after all these years. I know what advice was given to my mother when diagnosed with diabetes some years ago: " Eat what you like but don't forget to take your tablets???

    Keep up the battle Dr Fettke!!!!

    Oh, by the way my friend now has ulcers on both legs which the doctors have been unable to treat?????

  12. Linda Sand
    I went to pick up a relative at a hospital in the USA after they treated him for three days after a diabetic induced coma. They were feeding him a turkey sandwich on white bread as their standard snack since he hadn't eaten enough breakfast. They told me they weren't sure what his insulin dose should be. So I pointed out the bag of preloaded syringes he'd brought to the hospital with him. They promptly gave him another shot. Had no one asked him about his dosing? Hospitals are hazardous to our health.
  13. Sharon
    We need more inspirational doctors like Dr. Fettke to challenge the current nutritional dogma.
    I've have had type 1 diabetes now for 20 years and struggled with the ups and downs of blood sugars. Three years ago I stumbled on to low carb high fat as a way to control my diabetes. I've gone from HBA1c's of around 7-8mmol down to 5.5mmol. I have never felt better and more energetic in my life and waking up with normal blood sugars is the best feeling ever. Before starting low carb eating my average waking blood sugar was around 12-15mmol. Now it's usuallly around 4.5 - 5.5 consistently. If all diabetics (type 1 and 2) could achieve this sort of control there would be a dramatic decrease in the amount of diabetic complications.
    Most people feel like type 1 diabetes is a lifetime burden as I did for over 17 years. However, I now feel lucky to have my diabetes as it has introduced me to the world of nutrition and specifically the role of insulin in our health. Having diabetes enables you to see the almost immediate effects that carbohydrates and sugar have on our bodies and the huge doese of insulin that it takes to stablise blood sugars. I'm not sure that the science of low carb would have made such a difference in my life if I didn't have diabetes, as you can see a direct cause and effect.
    I will continue to follow a low carb lifestyle knowing that I have good blood sugar control, therefore avoiding diabetic complicstions in the future.
    Good on Dr. Fettke for putting his patients first and doing what he believes is best for them regardless of personal consequences.
  14. Maria
    This is no laughing matter, yet my husband and I did laugh over this quote.

    Imagine being investigated for, "inappropriately reversing type2 diabetes"!

    I couldn't give a fig whether the reversal of my type2 diabetes were reversed appropriately or inappropriately! I am not diabetic, but I know someone who is and he stated that whenever he followed his dietician's guidelines, his insulin readings soared.

    Now this is a highly-educated person with an honours' degree in Mathematics and a PHD in Information Technology.

    BUT JUST IMAGINE THIS. He can, and does do, his own research outside of these two disciplines, and he learned enough about how food affects the body, to confidently toss aside the high-carb, low-fat protocol, many years ago.

    Go Gary!

  15. Lucille
    It is my opinion, that when people do something unfair or stupid, often what is at stake is money. If I had to guess, I'm thinking that perhaps the lobbyists for fruit and sugary cereal or whatnot targeted this fine doctor because he stood up for the truth which could mean declining sales for sugar cereal and so on.
    Perhaps in order to regain their market share, they could run advertising on the sides of hearses......
  16. Ali S
    Well done! As a doctor, the biggest challenge I have found... changing diet and lifestyle for patients. Offer them a pill or surgery... they are on board. Change is difficult and advice is free. No one makes money... therefore no one will back this strategy.

    Well done.

  17. Anne
    Now I know why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! The rich are the doctors, pharmaceutical companies, the grain and food & beverage industries etc who push unconscionable conduct on unsuspecting individuals (generally the poor) who are being duped into believing that a pill along with "healthy carbohydrates" is good.
    Dr Fettke, Prof Tim Noakes, Dr Jason Fung and many like him are trailblazers. The AMA and other medical groups are simply union thugs, their members were taught to treat by theories (not science) and those theories are 50% wrong, its not clear which 50% is wrong! Heaven forbid they should admit it.
    The father of medicine quoted "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". Obviously the father of medicine is no longer with us but he would be rolling in his grave at the appalling state of medicine today.
    My Partner recently had a stay in hospital after surgery. As a type II diabetic, and not allowed to take his drugs, the (overweight) nurses were completely astonished at his high readings. They just don't get that a hospital is supposed to get people well, not keep them sick. It was no wonder his levels were up because for breakfast it was cereal, tinned fruit, sweet yoghurt, lunch mashed potatoes followed by icecream, dinner more potatoes and sweets etc. What a joke.
    A news item the other day stated that a new "fad" diet from the 1920's called the Ketogenic Diet was now being adopted by actors. We were then given a one-eyed view by a so-called dietician who maintained it was dangerous. I had to laugh. A fad! Actually the Banting diet (as Prof Noakes refers) hails from 1863 "The Letter on Corpulence". How can a diet which makes you healthy, reverse disease markers, help you lose weight without being hungry, give you energy you never thought you could have (and the list goes on) be dangerous. Yet the current diet rammed down our throat since the 1950's is clearly the disease driver.
    Dr Fettke, I nominate you for Australian of the year.
  18. neil
    There are businessmen and there are doctors. You are a DOCTOR. I support you 100%
  19. Patty
    Proof that Gary is correct. Here we have one of the bullies and he has even identified himself as David Driscoll, if in fact that’s his real name.
  20. Jeanette
    Anyone who has a differing view from mainstream is a target of bullies. Bullying is not on, and is illegal in Australia, regardless of one's differing view or the message. Good luck Gary. Your message is the truth and you have the law on your side. Two reasons you will be vindicated eventually. I hope it is soon.
  21. Michelle
    The only thing that has worked for me is eating LCHF. My mother has type 2 diabetes and already lost one toe. I suspect she will lose more. Whenever I eat sugary and other processed food my mental acuity vanishes. Doctors and dietitians who say eat a bit of everything are wrong. I'm so glad I discovered LCHF from an enlightened dietitian based in Melbourne.
  22. Larry
    I now have 2 medical heroes who were banished. The other is Dr. Shawn Baker in the USA. He has been on the carnivore diet for over a year now, with amazing results. His license was taken because he healed people the same way.
  23. Richard
    Dr Fettke I applaud you. In a weird sort of way, the way that they treated you actually exposed what they wanted to cover up.

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