British doctors: “Ban the selling of junk food at hospitals!”


One might think that places promoting people’s health of course wouldn’t have junk food in every corner. But this is not the case in Britain, nor in most places of the world.

Representatives of Britain’s doctors are now coming together to change this, urging bans on junk food on hospital premises.

The Guardian: Doctors Call for Junk Food Ban on NHS Premises

Dr. Aseem Malhotra states:

“It is appalling to observe on ward rounds patients, some of whom are not fully mobile, gorging on crisps, confectionery and sugary drinks – the very food items that may have contributed to their admissions in the first place.”

There’s clearly something wrong with hospitals actively encouraging something that harms their patients. How long do you think it takes before the ban is implemented?


How People with Diabetes Are Kept Sick in the Hospital

A Picture from a UK Diabetes Clinic


  1. Bob Niland
    Good luck getting the consensus dogmatics to agree on what exactly is junky about junk food.
    ◊ added sugars?
    ◊ grains?
    ◊ high net carbs generally?
    ◊ high ω6 linoleic acid?
    ◊ low saturated and MUFA fats?
    ◊ pesticides & toxins?
    ◊ emulsifiers?
    ◊ preservatives?
    ◊ colorants?

    It's all of the above, but what will likely happen is they'll be filled with low-fat hi-gly junk, or that the machines will simply be removed. There frankly aren't enough benign snacks on the market to fill a vending machine today.

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  2. bill

    I agree with you. And they'll probably put
    something like bacon on the banned list
    too. This revolution won't happen from
    the top down.

  3. Åsa
    No bacon in the vending machine??? What???
  4. Janknitz
    I think first and foremost they need to start with the junk food on the patient's trays! It's appalling what they serve to patients, particularly those on "diabetic" or "heart healthy" diets. Sugar, starch, and more sugar, very little protein and any fat is predominantly processed Omega 6. How can they hope to help people regain health if they are harming them with every sip or spoonful???
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  5. bill

    Great point!!!!

  6. Apicius
    The title should read ... British Doctors: "Ban the Hiring of Idiotic Management Executives for Hospitals!"
  7. Fizz
    I totally agree, however if this happens then the hospital canteens/cafes need to open 24/7 as you cannot get 'healthy food' from a vending machine. When my daughter (22) was rushed to hospital she hadn't eaten all day and later she was hungry. A&E was so busy and after her being given the all clear for something to eat nothing was available for her to have. To complicate matters she is also celiac. The restaurant and cafe was closed (it was 10pm) so the only thing I could get her was 'junk' from the vending machine -crisps and chocolate. My husband and I were also hungry and a cup of tea/coffee would have been welcone but there was nowhere to get anything remotely 'healthy'. So before junk food is banned on NHS premises an alternative must be put in place first, and the cafe, at least needs to be open round the click as hospitals are 24/7 places.

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