Does the Brain Need Carbs?

Low carb can be great for losing weight and lowering blood glucose. But isn’t it dangerous for the brain? Doesn’t the brain need carbohydrates in order to function?

We asked some of the top low-carb doctors in the world to give their quick and spontaneous answers, and made this video. Watch a segment above, where Dr. Sarah Hallberg answers (transcript).

The full video – with answers from more top low-carb doctors – is now available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Does the Brain Need Carbs? – Doctors Answer Common Questions

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  1. Doreen
    I've been reading the book "Medical Medium" by Anthony William--Hay House publishing. He is an intuitive healer and can scan the body and spirit tells him what is wrong, plus the remedy.
    He is saying the opposite of what these Drs. are saying. He does not agree with IF--says we should eat every 2-3 hrs., especially lots of fruit & veg. Also low fat, not much animal protein, and obviously higher carb with all the fruit. He also doesn't agree with the keto diet.
    This is totally confusing me.
    I have tried IF, and am having no luck at all--have not lost any fat ot weight, Most days I eat only 1 meal a day. I am also concerned as I am not getting a lot of nutrition with only one meal.
    The book has lots of info in it, and states cures that the normal medical profession does not even know yet.
    What are your thoughts--or have you read this book or heard of him?
  2. Doreen
    Doreen, you say this Anthoney William is a medium, if he is not a Christian, saved by grace through the blood of Jesus Christ , then I hate to tell you this, he can only do that through the devil. I know Spirit filled Christian's through the power of the Holy Spirit can heal and do such things. So if you are heathy, then I would say go for this diet. My friend started it yesterday and has lost 2 lbs already. I am starting tommrow. Please steer clear of this Anthoney guy. And he may not even be a real dr. Do some research on this diet. I think you will be very surprised how many real Drs think this is a good healthy diet. I will be praying for you.
  3. Lassiter III
    The eating every 2-3 hours dogma makes no sense whatsoever when you understand that our insulin levels increase after each meal and can stay elevated for 3-6 hours. When insulin is elevated, fat oxidation is inhibited, we are converting and storing food to energy in the form of glycogen or fat. When insulin levels are constantly elevated we eventually become insulin resistant leading to a malady of metabolic diseases.
  4. Tamara
    One meal a day bad for you anyway no matter what diet plan your body does best with. Not everyone’s body works the same.

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