The Big Fat Fix is finished

Can diet and lifestyle be powerful in preventing disease? What misconceptions have caused the obesity and diabetes epidemics? How are we wrong about treating and preventing Western diseases?

On the 22th of July the low-carb movie The Big Fat Fix (featuring the great Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Donal O’Neill) will attempt to answer these questions. The movie was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign and will also show you how to become more “heart healthy” in just 21 days.

Watch the trailer above. To watch the entire movie before everyone else, go to the movie website and enter your email. This will also give you free access to the great low-carb movie Run on Fat:

The Big Fat Fix

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  1. bill
    Too bad nobody can define what
    a Mediterranean diet is. Every list
    of foods that are okay on an M diet
    that I have seen includes "whole
    grains." Looks like the dessert he
    is eating is wrapped in a kind of
    dough made from grain flour.
    Hope I'm wrong.
  2. Apicius
    I don't understand how their website and offer works. I entered my email several times, even on different days, and they never emailed me the link to the movie. I give up trying.
    Reply: #4
  3. bill
    I registered too and haven't got any e-mail.
  4. Chris
    I think the movie hasn't been released yet, that's why you haven't received the email. I believe I read it was being released on the 22nd of July?
  5. Razvan
    Had the same problem. Didn t receive any e mail.. looked up in spam aswell.. nothing..probably as Chris said, hasn't been released yet and we will probably get the e mail 1-2 days before official launch
  6. Stephanie Sanchez
    I got the email but I couldn't get it to play after I paid the $4.99. It said there was no compatible video player. I finally gave up.

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