Beyoncé fails to increase soda sales


Beyoncé on a shopping spree

It appears only Beyoncé is buying more Pepsi in the US. Last year she got about 50 million dollars for selling herself in Pepsi ads and tarnishing her once sparkling image. Beyonce recently helped first lady Michelle Obama in her campaign against childhood obesity – what irony. Apparently an increased wealth was more important to her than the health of children.

Despite Beyoncé’s help the sales of Pepsi are going down, like all the major soda brands in the US:

ABC News: Soda Sale Decline Could Signal Healthy Change

Hopefully this healthy trend will continue. And hopefully appearing in soda ads will soon be as distasteful as appearing in a cigarette ad.


  1. Deb
    I've noticed in the ads she doesn't actually drink the Pepsi, she fakes it
  2. Margaret
    How much longer do we have to wait for another of your interviews from the low carb cruise?
  3. Fernán
    "Apparently an increased wealth was much more important to her than the health of children."

    The problem here is the children's parents, not Beyoncé.

  4. robert
    Leaving the damnability of B's commercial activities aside for a moment, why would she want to drink this swill? Its sugar-water and a whole lot of other substances that should never be consumed by any living thing.

    In 1981 it was common knowledge that carbs are fattening. (Garfield)

  5. GuyJeb
    I saw the Ads and thought "Why the heck would Pepsi think that Billboard Ad is going to make me drink it more?

    And WHO IS that weird Woman??!?"

    This coming from someone who does not own a

  6. Maggan A
    She is in good Company :-(

    Michael Jackson

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  7. robert
    It's still just overpriced sugar water with chemical additives.

    Drinking it raises the question of whether the drinker has a fully functional brain, or if it runs a malicious program that was implanted in early childhood. Updates to that code are regularly delivered by commercials.

    Why drink it?

    Is it cheaper than tap-water: no.
    Does it quench thirst better than water or at all: no
    Is it healthy: no
    Can you use it to cook tea/coffee: no
    Can you use it for cooking food: not really

    Water clearly beats soda.

  8. Jim
    Sugary soda is bad for you. We get it and I think most of us knew it anyway. This site is turning from one of the best low carb blogs out there into the war against Coke and I guess now Pepsi. Doctor we agree with you. We know it is bad but honestly can we limit the amount of sugary soda is bad for you posts for something more useful and valid. Maybe you should consider another blog with the sole focus being on countering the big sugar propaganda. Honestly I think fruit juice is worse because it has the image of being healthy. Soda doesn't. So those people drinking soda (even diet) are doing it knowing it is bad for them. Juice on the other hand is just as bad with sugar content yet parents feed it to kids thinking it is good. The explosion of juice products for kids on the market here in America has completely paralleled the childhood obesity increase. I would agree that juice has some good in it but it tends to outweigh the bad and honestly we should eat the fruit and get the fiber too. That is low sugar fruit. Please can we have something different? Please?
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  9. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Don't worry, there'll be more useful posts on other topics coming up. And I agree with you about juice.
  10. Margaret
    Jim, The Doc has a very busy life, with his job and his family. Some blog posts are time consuming.

    Andreas I love your website and I appreciate all the interesting content you put on here. I especially love your interviews and can't wait for more! :-)

  11. Kaido
    I kind of like those killercoke post. I knew soda is bad, but i didnt have any idea it is advertized so blatant way in other countries.

    Here is one story from my country (Estonia). Before year 2000, we had very popular local drink here, called "Linnuse kali" (root beer). It was selling very good, I was sales representative in one summer, and it was amazing, how good this product sold. Coca cola products had no chance to get near. I dont know is this unique in the world to beat coke, but i think it has not happened anywere else. Of Course coca cola company brought this brand, added his usual 26% sugar, ruining the taste and sell and thats it. Competition gone. Guy who sold the trademark said "sure you are going to sell your LADA, when they offer you price of a Mercedes".

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  12. robert
    Not surprising that they just bought out their competition and ran it into the ground.

    Personally I'm glad that the 'root-beer' vanished. I wouldn't shed a single tear if that stuff vanished from this planet. Root-beer has about the worst taste I've ever had to endure. The smell is weird, the taste makes my toenails curl. It is pure Evil - just like Dr. Pepper.

  13. Ondrej
    Anybody that makes dietary decisions based on beyonce is an idiot.
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  14. FrankG
    So a massive multinational corporation with any amount of resources at their disposal -- including all kinds of market research -- spends a large chunk of potential shareholder dividends on marketing, in this case using a pop-celebrity, WITHOUT expecting a positive cash flow as result?

    Hardly stands to reason does it.

    Or maybe you really do just think so little of everyone else who is not God-almighty Onderj the magnificent? ROFL

  15. ZellZ
    Well, you know, there's a Good Reason why Pepsi paid Beyounce a gajillion dollars to push this sugary swill: because advertising Works, even if soda sales appear to be down. It IS disturbing to see her in such a commercial, not all that different, as Dr E says, from a celeb pushing cigarettes. It's really obnoxious, the commercial I just watched on utube, called "Mirrors" or some such thing, featuring Beyounce. She's shown enthusiastically drinking a can of regular coke. I doubt that happens in her Real Life, or else she has a can of regular coke & lives on lettuce leaves & cigarettes the rest of the time. She's toned & fit, so I think she probably avoids soda as well as other bad stuff. Yet, she doesn't mind raking in even more money than she already has, to get lots of people to buy & drink this garbage, people who may already have many grave health issues, regardless of what size they currently are. Very Disturbing. It would be better if she had reached for the Diet coke, even if that is still considered very bad to many people. Her cooler should just be stocked w/the diet Pepsi, in that commercial. It would be more honest & probably much more relevant to what she probably Really drinks.
  16. Amber
    I, too, always go grocery shopping in 4 inch satin heels, a leotard, and a sparkly jacket. :)

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