1. Chris the Barbarian
    People want Junk food, otherwise it would not sell so well.

    Just look for the thousands of "keto /lchf" Versions of Junkfood: lchf pizza bread sweats cake.... It is a pity.

  2. Bob Niland
    The sad truth is that in the US, other than some high %cacao chocolates, we have zero safe snack bars on the market now. The one we did have (Quest) lately reformulated their line causing me to strike it. We have never had a real meal replacement bar.

    Doing a reasonable LCHF or keto bar, at a marketable price, would be a technical challenge - and one exacerbated by our FDA, who (not having read the DGA'15 memo), won't let anyone put the word "healthy" on a high fat product.

    But the real problem is completely irresponsible focus-group-driven food formulators, and well-intentioned but clueless food formulators.

  3. Chris the Barbarian
    Instead of eating a"Keto bar" (which is just another highly processed food item you don't need), make your own! It is cheaper and you know what is Inside. For example, a really good food for traveling and eating on the go is self-made pemmican, preferable with yourown rendered Tallow. A real treat, and excellent in taste. You can even choose how many protein and fat it has ;).

    Tristan over at Primaledgehealth has an excellent howto: http://www.primaledgehealth.com/pemmican-recipe-traditional-survival-...

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