Best of 2015: How to Become a Fat-Burning Machine

Do you want to lose weight? Then you need to burn fat. Here’s an interview on how to burn tons of fat, how to become a fat-burning machine.

The interviewee is Dr. Eric Westman, possibly the world’s top expert on LCHF. And out of about 90 new videos on our membership site last year this was the ninth most watched. Now you can watch it above without membership, for a limited time.

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Dr. Westman’s guide to LCHF

Interview – Eric Westman Part 1
Interview – Eric Westman Part 3
Interview – Eric Westman Part 4
Interview – Eric Westman Part 5

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    I am a 48 yrs old lady and recently diagnosed with Type 2 DM with a BMI of 21 at the time of diagnosis.I have been following LCHF diet ever since and have lost 7 kg in weight and now at the point of becoming under weight.
    I enjoy the LCHF diet but is it really for someone who is so slim.I am hesitant to join the membership. Please advise.
  2. chris
    you need to eat more fat, also nuts like pistachios and macadamia are good way of getting your calories in.
    loads of avocado and olive oil.
    there is loads of tasty recipes for making nut flour cookies, nut breads etc.
  3. Alexx
    I don't have my gallbladder. Can I be on LCHF ? I'm desperate to lose about 15 lb.
    Please advise.
    Thank you !
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  4. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Alexx!

    Many people eat LCHF without gall bladders with no problem. See bottom of this post:

  5. Althea
    I have been doing Keto for 9 months now. I started out losing 30 pounds but within the last two months I have come to a complete stop. The scale isn't moving at all. I know there are other ways to measure and I have taken them into account. I have tried on clothes that were too tight and they still feel tight. Honestly I have not done measuring yet but I feel like if I am not seeing a difference in my clothing then I won't see a difference on the tape measure. I am fasting 16-20 hours a day. I am sitting down to one meal which I have measured out. My meals vary daily and I do incorporate BPC daily as well. I just don't know what I could be doing wrong??
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  6. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Althea!

    Have you been looking at our 18 best weight-loss tips?

  7. Dan Daglia
    Great information. Does fat store in you're veins and clog your arteries?
  8. Shaan
    Hi , I've been on the Lchf diet for 3.5 weeks now with a weight loss of just 1 kilo.
    Is that normal?
    I have followed this way of eating 98% and have not had a cheat meal or anything. Also as everyone says I have not yet experienced a drop in appetite.
    Pls advice
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  9. nat gamache
    Please pm me on facebook when you get an answer. As I am having the same issues as you. I have been on LCHF for 5wks tomorrow. My blood sugar (no meds) has also hit a plateau and my fasting sugar is still at 7.6mmol to 8.8mmol :( that is also why I am sceptical on buying a membership. Still hungry, I eat LC cottage cheese pancakes, porks, chicken, all with butter or cream or cream cheese, I have an evening snack so my ativan doesn't kick in too fast as well as so I don't wake up at 3am starving. Nat Gamache Nikki Pelland as my facebook.
  10. bill
    "...cottage cheese..."

    Not low carb.

    What's the evening snack?

    5 weeks might be a short time
    for significant results. Don't give up.

  11. Sripriya
    Hi, I have started on LCHF diet. I am a vegetarian and don't eat eggs too. May I know how much of fat I can take per day . Thanks
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  12. Edna
    Hi Sripriya, Has anyone answer your question? Because I have question too. I haven't lost any weight yet, going on 3 weeks.
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  13. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Sripriya and Edna!

    Read this:

    Hi Sripriya, Has anyone answer your question? Because I have question too. I haven't lost any weight yet, going on 3 weeks.

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  14. Edna Case
    Thank you! I will try them.
  15. Vivian
    Hi I just started the LCHF diet with 140kg .please can I loose up to 20 kg with little or no exercise,just sticking to the diet.
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  16. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Vivian!

    A lot of people who follow the diet loose weight without exercising. :)

    Hi I just started the LCHF diet with 140kg .please can I loose up to 20 kg with little or no exercise,just sticking to the diet.

  17. Gloria
    Hi everyone! I started the keto plan on Aug. 20 2016. Lost 8 pounds the first week. Hooray! Went almost 2 months and did not lose any thing, then it started to drop have now lost 18.5 pounds, have stalled this past week or so because of stress struggling to get back down to 5% carbs again. Started to listen to keto on YouTube again to get me motivated again. Found the diet dr. I am excited again, so don't give up just hang in there. Should mention I am 80 years old and doing great.
  18. Nati
    Hi. Doctor Westman says we should choose between beeing a far burning person or a carbohidrate burning person... what happens with metabolic flexibility? From a Paleo point of view...metabolic flexibility is very important. I would appreciate more information about Metabolic Flexibility...
  19. Luna
    Hi Doctore can i eat the Liquid Aminos Soy Sauce and Tabasco Pepper Sauce for LCHF diet..?

    I have start this diet for a month and still so manny question.

  20. Stuart
    Hey Luna, as a blanket rule, look at the label of *everything* you pick up. My personal rule is if it has more than 10% carbs it goes back on the shelf. By the time you add meat, cheese and other oils etc you will be about where you need to be.
  21. Mathew
    Please my name is Matthew how can get the product
  22. Cindy HARRIS
    My husband and I have both lost 70lbs this past year from LCHF. Thank you, Diet Docter, for all your help!
  23. Kasren Mora
    Not asking medical advice here, just help in finding additional reading and research materials.

    I’ve been doing low carb with intermittent fasting for 2+ years, lost 68#, but now have developed hypothyroidism with thyroid nodules. Can low carb cause this? Also my BUN is too low and my doc says that shows that I have been on a near-starvation way of eating despite calorie consumption of over 2000 calories per day (I keep track on the "Lose It" app which tracks my carbs)

    The intermittent fasting groups say that it couldn’t possibly cause hypothyroidism...but the low carb group says the same. SOMETHING is causing it. Can you recommend resources to help me decide what to do with my diet choices? All the low thyroid diets include large amounts of beans and other high carb foods.

    I’m so confused. If I can’t get this resolved, my doc wants to send me to a specialist and do needle biopsies. Akkkk..please help!

  24. Erica Dyson
    I am a graphic designer and therefore largely sedentary. I am 63 and have 10 kgs to lose. I am following a keto diet and I am eating between say 700 and 900 calories a day.. I am not hungry. People tell me that this is slowing my metabolism and therefore won't lose weight. Do I have to eat more? I'm not sure what to do?
    The doctors that were on podcast state that you shouldn't count calories. Well, using you cannot imput macros without starting at the top with calories. Is there another site that you can do macros with calories? I'd appreciate it very much.

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