Do We Become Fat Because We’re Overeating, or Do We Overeat Because We’re Becoming Fat?

There are many things that are fundamentally wrong with the notion that weight loss is all about calories in vs. calories out. Above you can watch a talk by Dr. David Ludwig where he explains why that is the case.

Some key takeaways?

  • Body weight is not under conscious control – it’s under biological control.
  • When we try to eat less and run more, the body responds by either making us hungrier or by slowing down our metabolism.
  • Foods rich in processed carbohydrates are especially fattening.
  • If we want to lose weight, we’re better off improving the quality of our diet (meaning a diet with few carbohydrates), rather than reducing calories.


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  1. Brenda
    My introduction to low carb was an interview I heard on NPR with Dr. Lustig a little over a year ago. It impressed me enough to buy his book Fat Chance. This idea was a revelation to me. I could never understand why I was so successful in most aspects of my life, planning and achieving many long term goals, but such an abject failure in controlling my weight. I could never understand why I couldn't follow a strict diet for more than about 6 months. And of course, I blamed myself. So to find out that it was not my fault, but the fault of my diet was a new idea I had never considered. Well, I have been following LCHF for about a year now, have lost almost 50 pounds, and have absolutely no trouble staying on it. A low calorie diet kept me hungry and set me up for failure. A SAD diet kept me hungry and set me up for failure. Drop the carbs, increase the fat and now I’m just not that hungry. I have a hard time convincing other people of this; the general public has become so thoroughly indoctrinated into low-fat.
  2. bill
    Very good.

    Stephan Guyenet should watch this one.

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