How to become a fat-burning machine [teaser]

How do you become a fat-burning machine? And what are the benefits, besides weight loss?

Dr. Eric Westman explains it in this video. You can watch a part of it above (transcript). The full longer video, and the entire five-part video course, is available with a or membership.

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  1. Majella Young
    My doctor has always been a no/low carb advocate. She advised me from day 1 of being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to not eat bread cereal pasta etc. She doesnt eat those foods herself. She basically says I am like someone with a faulty liver who cannot/should not drink alcohol. My pancreas cannot process carbs.
  2. mn
    These are good articles to read, and we wrote similar articles on blog
  3. Anne
    I adopted ketonic life not to lose weight (just 5 kg to get slimmer) but to feel more energy and happy mood, and so easy ....even if my husband doesn't agree with my diet, I don't care ! I'm no more vegan, and it came naturally ...

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