1. Trouble is just like the Tobacco Industry and their campaign to exonerate smoking, the Sugar Industry and The Corn Refiners Association have sufficient funds to buy researchers to show their products are not the cause of the problem.
    Here is the latest example.
    Consumption of sucrose and high fructose corn syrup does not increase liver fat or ectopic fat deposition in muscles
    I think the only way we are going to move forward is to change the climate of public opinion.
    Dr Mercola produces some excellent articles
    Dr Mercola's Infographic is worth printing out and reposting
  2. Paulie
    Hi! From Canada

    All my life I have lived with overweight family and friends. My sister and I have never been overweight. The only deference I could see between the two is that we don't drink soda or any kind of juice. We don't even put sugar in our coffee. Now we look alike act alike. Our family comes from a aboriginal background so our genes are very strong. So why are most of us obese. Soda and other sugars. We are always told how lucky we are, to be so thin??? How do you tell people you love that probably this is why they are fat??? Help!

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  3. Zepp
    First nation or Inuit origin?

    Not that it matters that much.. only so one know wich was your ancestors.

    Anyhow.. LCHF is the low carb arm of paleo movment.. and Canada is like Sweden a northen country.

    Swedes is like modern Canadians coming mostly from southern areas in Europe.. but we do have a indigenous population, the Samish peopel, they are typical reindeer owners.. but there tradional diet was almost fish.. typical salmon.

    And with that sayd.. point on your ancestors diet, they got healty on that.

    You know.. one cant blame old traditional food for modern diseases.. it must be the new higly refined and procesed food.

    Tell them to eat more traditional food.. what ever it was!

  4. Sunny
    tisk tisk.. When Coca Cola gets home with that report card... Mama is going whoop his arse!
  5. moreporkplease
    Alas this charming video will be completely useless in the USA because it points out hidden costs to society caused by soda drinking.

    But Americans in general do not believe that "society" exists. They believe only in the existence of the individual, the family, church and government. They do not accept that there is a larger entity of any type, and so they will not consider these facts - indeed, they will deny they exist and return to focusing on the individual.

    Understanding the American mindset is key to combating the problem.This video is talking to the wall, sadly.

    Those fighting obesity should take a page from the successful movement towards gay marriage. Talk about family. Focus on the family impact. That will be more successful.

  6. I'm having a tougher go with quitting soda than I did cigarettes. Right now diet soda is my crutch for transitioning to LCHF. Sad, I know.
  7. Laza
    Aaron, I did the same, to get away from soda and into low-carbing after a lifetime of sugar infatuation, I switched first to diet sodas and zero-cal powerades etc. Slowly I managed to drop them down, in waves. After each wave of increased craving and succumbing to diet sodas, I'd push back more to a lower consumption. And after year and a half of struggle, I'm free, completely free. Nowadays I squeeze lemon juice into seltzer water, or drink herbal tea with cream or lemon. Tea people are very creative and make a ton of interesting variations.

    So if you're close to where I was, don't worry, diet sodas can be a good crutch. I don't think I could have done it cold turkey, ever.

  8. shums
    Why does nobody talk about alcohol consumption? It is horrible for a low carb diet and can be horrible for health. The societal costs for this social elixir are huge when one considers the damage that drunkenness and alcoholism can have. It is fashionable to be against McDonald's, cigarettes and surgery soda. It isn't fashionable to be against alcohol though even though it does much more damage. That damage is often violent, tragic and victim ridden. I think as a people we need to wake up and focus on everything that is killing us. Not just the things that are in vogue to hate.
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  9. Sunny
    I drink every friday night and I still lose weight. Alcohol has benefits if consumed in moderation which cannot be said about McDonalds, Cigs, and soda. It's a stress reliever and it's fun for social situations. Banning alcohol would be like telling people that they're no longer allowed to have cars because some people abuse them. Educating on moderation is unnecessary because we already know it's bad. I don't think theirs very many people that are confused about what alcohol does to the liver.
  10. Ondrej
    Are low-carbers liers? You decide:-)
  11. Michelle
    @ Ondrej - just watched the link. I posted this comment:

    1. You make claims on personal experience, yet dismiss those who also do this with an opposite point of view to you.

    2. You have approval on any comments left here.

    In my opinion, this equates to someone who is talking about a subject that he has no evidence to support or dispute.

    Whether or not I choose to eat LCHF, I feel this sums up his theory.


  12. Wow that was a scary video, but I took it to mean regular soda, what about diet soda? It has been getting a lot of bad press lately too. As for recycling, just put a deposit on every can, that works in the states that have it. When I worked at a large grocery store the 'bottle bums' would bring them in by the cart full.
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  13. Sunny
    Hi Virgil!

    Diet Soda is not great either but if you're out and you absolutely need a bubbly drink then it's not too bad in moderation but just be ready because it can make you HUNGRY! I personally don't like to support Coca cola in general but that's just me.

    When I'm at home I make a few variations of soda that you could try

    My fav takes a little time but I grind up blackberries (or raspberries) and add them to some soda water with a 1/2 packet of Stevia in the Raw... now at this point you could drink it like this ORRR you could add a splash of cream. It's good and if you add the cream it's decadent and really satisfies!

    I also make soda with lime, lemon, or grapefruit.. not too shabby but the blackberry is my FAV!

    Basically, if you got some soda water (make sure it has no added sugar) you could play around with different ideas and come up with your own cocktail of goodness!

  14. mattree
    the coca cola company are soo in denial its really sad and pathetic

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