How to avoid complications of type 1 diabetes

How to avoid complications of type 1 diabetes
Why are the recommendations to people with diabetes to eat a high-carb diet a bad idea? How does it likely increase the risk of complications massively? And what is the alternative?

This is one of the most personal and powerful presentations from the recent Low Carb USA conference. In it Dr. David Dikeman tells the story of how his son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes – and came back home with dietary advice that sent his blood sugar on a rollercoaster.

Then Dr. Dikeman and his wife stumbled upon Dr. Bernstein’s low-carb work and started implementing his recommendations. This totally changed his son’s life.

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How to Avoid Complications of Type 1 Diabetes – Dr. David Dikeman

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Here’s what our members have said about the presentation – on top of giving it a 4.9 / 5 rating:

So pleased to have heard Dr. David Dikeman’s type 1 lecture on Diet Doctor! Straight talking that I needed to hear 30 years ago, when all we got was doubt and prevarication from our clinics!
– Luz

Fantastic presentation, Dr. Dikeman. Thanks for all you do to help others improve their health.
– Stacy

How to Avoid Complications of Type 1 Diabetes – Dr. David Dikeman


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Low Carb USA

The presentation is from this year’s Low Carb USA. It’s the top low-carb conference in the US. Next year’s conference will take place August 3 – 6, 2017 in San Diego. Sign up now for an early bird discount (50% off).


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