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Team Diet Doctor will be on the ground at Low Carb Breckenridge 2018 scouting out the latest cutting-edge research by the world’s top low carb experts so that we can make outstanding new video content for our site.

We want our videos to be as relevant as possible to you, the Diet Doctor community. So, our question to you is: What should we ask the experts? This is your opportunity to ask the world’s best minds in the low-carb field the things you would really like to know. We’ll pick the best questions and ask them for you!

If there is something you have always wanted to ask your low carb heroes, or there is some new research that you want to understand better, let us know about it. Please send up to three questions to kim@dietdoctor.com no later than Friday, February 16th. And then stay tuned for our expert Q&A videos from Breckenridge 2018 to see if your questions made the cut.

Check out our past Q&A video sessions and our videos from last year at Breckenridge for inspiration.

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  1. Tracey
    1. Fasting high blood glucose levels in people with type 2 please

    2. How to be a keto vegetarian- is it possible?

  2. Haley
    Please explore a vegan's options in this diet. Everything seems geared for meat eaters. How do you go Keto on a vegan diet?
  3. Elaine
    Hello, for Hashimoto Thyroidism (hypothryoid), would you recommend your low-carb, keto or vegetarian plans? If not, could you please develop an auto-immune plan. Thank you.
  4. Enid
    I’m an OBGYN and currently nursing third baby. I’m extremely interested in research about keto or LCHF in pregnant and breastfeeding feeding woman. I would also like more information on how to safely feed my young children with LCFH. I really want to understand how many carbs we should all be eating daily. There is limit infor on the site. However, I love all info available. This has been life changing. Thank you!

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