Ask Dr. Jason Fung

Ask Dr. Jason Fung

I’m a big fan of Dr. Jason Fung, the Canadian nephrologist. He’s a world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and LCHF, especially for treating people with type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Fung has agreed to answer questions weekly on our membership site (free trial one month). Members can also read questions and answers from other people:

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For more about Dr. Fung visit his website

You can also check out our popular video interview with him, about the perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss.

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  1. Jude
    Hi Dr. Fung

    I would like to communicate with you about IF/Fasting in general for HIV+ people interested in fasting to renew new cells?

    Please advise asap

    Thanks in advance

    From Partner of HIV+ wife

    I look forward to your speedy response

    Yours respectingly

    Fasting Student

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  2. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Jude!

    Members can ask Dr Fung shorter general questions here:

    If you would like to come in contact with Dr Fung then I would try this page:

  3. sampath
    I started alternate day fasting a month ago and i went down from 205 to 188 as of today. my bloodpressure has become normal, my heart pulse rate has come down to 60. I thank Dr. jason fung for educating everyone on fasting.
  4. Charles
    I am 20 years into being a Type 2 diabetic and 8 months ago diagnosed with MG; I am too weak to exercise plus have constant low back pain from a failed back surgery. I use a mobility scooter and wear a patch over the eye that will not lift or focus because of the MG. I thought I was on a lot of meds for diabetes, cholesterol and heart failure, now I am really on a lot of meds! I have been taking cbd cream for my back pain, and it works so well and I heard that it can help with diabetes, I signed up to rep a company that has the oil (with no THC). Do you know if this would help?
  5. Anna Sabath
    I am a big fan of all your books I’ve read the obesity code I got diagnosed with early stages of diabetes i’m a big fan of fasting I did a 10 day fast and the same day of the last 10 days I had a blood work done and I was still prediabetic I also did a 4 Day Dr. fast no water no food my blood sugar goes from 87 to 106 that’s with dinner to dinner fasting since January 4 of this year I’m struggling with trying to lose weight I can’t seem to get the weight off even though I do dinner to dinner my meals are under 600 cal and I’m still not losing weight
  6. jeff howell
    do I KEEP taking insulin while taking dr. fungs regimen ?
  7. Bruce Witte
    Dr Fung I have been following your teachings since last April. I started at 440 lbs and today weighed in at 254. Amazing results from LCHF dieting and have been doing 16:8,18:6, & 20:4 since Jan this year. I have psoriatic arthritis and had bilateral hip replacements,the right shoulder and need the othe replaced. Thanks to Keto I went back to work PRN as a paramedic. I’m 60 and have been obese my entire life. A carb addict. This truly shuts off the binge mode switch!! Thank you for sharing this with the world!!!
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  9. Dean
    I am a 66 y/o "pre diabetic" with controlled HPT. I have been following dietary sites now for a couple years starting with Dr. William Davis. Wheat free was amazing for my health. I have done an almost strict LCHF diet for a year starting out with the Keto diet and now intermittant fasting. Since the peak I have lost about 30 lbs and have good blood work (now) with the exception of fasting insulin at 10 and the same stick blood sugar 119 (USA) Since I am a Sonographer I have looked at my heart, blood vessels and liver over the years as part of my job. I have not had any alcohol in over 30 years. Still, I have had a fatty liver (ultrasound) for years following carefully the recommended dietary guidelines. Was very athletic for years until blew out a knee and several discs. (pretty severe sciatica for years so limited exercise since) However fatty liver has remained although liver tests have improved. My issue is "dawn phenomena" even after days of fasting. At the moment I am into my 5th day of water fast (have done 4, many 2 and 3 day, and usually fast 20 eat 4) and still my blood sugar goes up. When I eat, my sugars are say 105 to 115. When I fast they shoot up and stay up all day/night in the 125 to 140 range. Right now in 5th day I just stuck a 121. (frustrating.) From what I read I have likely have a severely insulin resistant liver and likely other places. Doing the calc on 10 insulin 119 glucose (from last official lab) I am in the severely resistant category. I have started some high intensity training on a stationary recumbent bike which is supposed to make muscles more glucose storage ability. Since I have a medical background and have read about everything I can get my hands on and watched Dr. Fung plus MANY others on you tube (awesome resource). Since I also am involved in engineering I appreciate Ivor Cummins approach a lot. BUT....I am getting discouraged. Help me understand how my blood glucose can stay so high on a water fast of this length considering I am likely only 50 grams a day carbs on average and have reduced protein when I feed as well. Do I just have to run this dang liver out of all stores??? Any encouragement you can give me on when to expect this blasted organ to give up???
  10. Hklm
    I'm very excited about the videos and books for Jason Fung.
    As I been fasting many years before for religious purposes, but it was always getting me a relief and making me a healthy during fasting Period.
    My Question: As I heard and told by some, that fasting Affects Kidney, and as Jason Fung is a nephrologist, Is that any indication for, is there any effects of fasting on that organ? I didn't have any problem for my life during my fasting. Please Advise!


  11. Robert
    I heard Dr Fung's name just now. Wonder if fasting method can be used to control psoriasis. Thanks
  12. Tza
    I fasted for only about 70 hours when my vision started getting weird after i went did some cardio at the gym. So i ate something bcus it really scared me, i thought thats what i needed to do. Shortly after i ate, my right hand and right side area of my nose and underneath that one side of my nose started going numb also. I was having a hard time reading words and Reading has always been a favorite pastime of mine. It was my first time fasting for that long. I was excited to shed fat but i didnt lose any weight at all. Please, why did that happen?
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