Are you the next Spanish Diet Doctor team member?


This is an exciting time for Spanish Diet Doctor. After launching the site less than a year ago, we already have an average of around 21,000 visitors per day (with a record of nearly 28,000 daily visitors). The site is growing at an ever-increasing rate. It’s exciting and inspiring to receive emails and comments on a daily basis from Spanish-speaking people who have changed their lives with the help of the site, and from doctors who recommend us to their patients.

We have big plans for Spanish Diet Doctor, including launching our membership on the site in the fall. This will mean that our popular meal planner tool will be available in Spanish, and there will be Spanish-subtitled versions of our video content available as part of an optional membership. This is a huge task, and we have decided to recruit a third full-time team Diet Doctor member to work on the Spanish site.

Could you be this person? If so, we want to hear from you. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime. You will have a varied job that will allow you to learn and grow fast. Plus, you’ll be part of a project that makes a real difference to the lives of tens of thousands of people, every day.

Come join our company in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. Don’t live here yet? No problem – we’ll help you move and find a place to live.

About the position

We’re looking for a top-class native-speaker of Spanish who will be involved in many different tasks related to the Spanish site: you will be doing translations into Spanish, proofreading articles, coordinating work with our writers team, working with our WordPress platform, generally making the site great, and writing your own news articles, too!

Are you passionate about low carb and how it can help millions of Spanish-speaking people around the world? Do you have experience that is relevant to the job description? Are you open-minded, creative and good at working with people? If so, you may be the person we’re looking for.

Essential qualities

We are looking for someone truly outstanding who can become a key part of the small Spanish Diet Doctor team and really help grow the site in innovative ways. You’ll need all the following qualities to be considered for the job. We encourage you to apply if you:

  • Are a native Spanish speaker with impeccable written and spoken language.
  • Write and speak excellent English.
  • Eat some version of low carb, and believe in its benefits for people with obesity and diabetes.
  • Love to work independently, and to get things done fast with consistently high quality.
  • Work meticulously.
  • Learn fast.
  • Are driven, ambitious and hardworking.
  • Live near our main office in central Stockholm, Sweden, or are willing to move here to be part of our amazing team.
  • Have a strong desire to do something meaningful.

Desired qualities

  • Experience working with online recipe creation, especially low carb recipes for a Latin American and/or Spanish audience.
  • Experience using social media platforms for businesses.
  • A belief in the importance of our values: trustworthiness, simplicity, inspiration and goodness.
  • Experience with WordPress.
  • Photoshop skills.
  • If you also speak Swedish, that is a bonus, but is not required for the position.


Why work for Diet Doctor

Diet Doctor is the world’s largest low-carb site, with nearly 400,000 daily visitors, 53,000 paying members and 20 full-time coworkers (about 40 when including freelancers) – almost doubling in size every year. We aim to keep our rapid growth up for as long as possible as this enables us to make a big positive impact in the world.

Our goal is to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health – by making low carb simple.

We are funded by the people (through our optional membership), owned by those who work here, and – because we want to build a company that can do good for 100+ years – we’ve turned down every investment opportunity we’ve received from venture capitalists. Fortunately, with the amazing support of our members, we’ve been able to fund this growth with zero outside investments.

We offer competitive salaries and the opportunity to become a co-owner in our explosively growing company. More importantly, we’ll give you the chance to work for a purpose-driven organization that truly exists to make the world a better place.

You’ll get the opportunity to travel internationally too, if you want that. Some of our coworkers regularly travel to low-carb related conferences all over the world. This could help you network with our international team of expert contributors.


Most of our full-time staff work together in a beautiful office in central Stockholm. So would you, if this position is right for you.

Don’t live in Stockholm? No problem – we’ll help you move here and find a place to live.

Timing not perfect? Reach out anyway – we’re willing to wait for the right person.

Alternatively: Do you know anyone who is a perfect match? Tell that person about this ad!

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss – apply now.


In order to fit in our team you need to live up to the requirements mentioned above, but otherwise we’re positively set towards diversity – we encourage diversity in skills, interests, religious and political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, etc.


Our goal is to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health, by making low carb simple. At least a billion people could benefit from eating fewer carbs, primarily but not exclusively people with obesity, type 2 diabetes and other problems related to metabolic syndrome. These people are currently not getting the support they deserve, and we aim to change that.

To achieve this goal, we need to work with fantastic people who are passionate about the enormous benefits keto and low carb can have for people, and who can help us create incredible products that make low carb simple.

Could you be one of those people? Do you have the essential qualities we’re looking for? Are you the right person to join our dynamic team of hardworking and passionate people striving to make the world a better place?

If so, apply today.

Apply now

To apply, email the following to Please send your application in Spanish, as this is the main language you will be working in.

  1. Personal letter, up to one page long, about why you’re perfect for this job.
  2. CV with references and preferably a picture.
  3. Work samples that you think reflect why you are right for this job.
  4. Salary suggestion.
  5. Your top three suggestions for how we should improve Diet Doctor.

We’ll go through all applications and contact especially interesting applicants for interviews.

It doesn’t matter if you have a notice period – if necessary, we’ll wait for the right person.

Best of luck!


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  1. Jace
    Wow what a nice opportunity. I would love to have knowledge at least in the minimun qualities. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's working here trying the best for Health of everyone. If some spain speaker read this and have the skills they need for their team please i encourage you to send your CV its not just an opportunity, you may save someone's live with one article, recipe or advice. This diet could be hard in some countries but there's a lot of alternatives and each country has their own low carb food/ingredients even if its not part of their gastronomy/culture. I really appreciate this page i thought i was fated to not eat things i loved for the rest of my life i. Felt that i didn't wanted to try anymore. but then found this page and i ate the best waffles i had with some berries with cream and i felt that all that time i was sinking in a glass of water and i didnt even tried to see every low carb possibility, then i had the best pizza with lots of delicious chesse and everything i wanted, also the rice that i loved my entire life there was an answer or alternative for every single dish i used to love. This diet gives ppl like me a new lifestyle and also a new opportunity, my medic told me that my diagnostic was a "medical miracle" I dont think it was medical ... everything in the recommended food list in my first chekup was a time bomb for me "fruits, high ammounts of carbs, etc" im glad that i had knowledge about this type of diet. Anyway tyvm team keep the good work!
  2. Ana Maria
    Hola, vivo en Perth, Australia y hablo y escribo en español con muy buen nivel.

    Este anuncio me interesó muchísmo porque estoy en la precisa etapa de cambiar de actividad laboral por algo que tenga un sentido más humano y ecológico.

    No obstante no habia considerado mudarme de pais para realizar este cambio, o en los próximos dos años.

    Cumplo con todos los requisitos mencionados por lo que me atrevo a preguntar:

    1- ¿Han considerado la posibilidad de contratar a alguien que trabaje fuera de Estocolmo via online?
    2- ¿Tal vez en un futuro consideren extenderse a Australia?

    En todo caso si las respuestas a mis dos preguntas son negativas, pensaré en alguien que esté preparado/da a moverse a la sede de Diet Doctor.

    Saludos Cordiales

    Estoy muy interesada en trabajar con el equipo de Diet Doctor. Vivo en MEXICO y soy nutriologa. En mi práctica profesional manejo la alimentación baja en carbs (di el switch hace 5 años ya). Soy totalmente creyente de que esta es la alimentación del futuro. El mejor recurso que la gente puede tener para evitar o corregir enfermedades, pensar, VERSE, sentirse y moverse BIEN.
    Mandaré todos mis datos al correo que ponen arriba.
    Espero poder ser parte de su equipo! Me encantara hacernos grandes trabajando juntos. La gente lo necesita! Saludos cordiales,
    Reply: #6
  4. Karen
    This is a wonderful opportunity but I'm not qualified to apply, alas!

    My question is with your request for a ’salary suggestion’ yet the details provided state that you ‘offer competitive salaries’. Would it not be better show the range of salary that you consider appropriate for this post? This would promote fairness - women are notorious for undervaluing themselves financially and in these days of ‘equal pay for work of equal worth’.

    The gender pay gap is currently very much in the news in UK & the rest of Europe including, I’m sure, Sweden.

    I love Diet Doctor and I hope it goes from strength to strength!

  5. Dh
    Sounds like a great job. I agree with the comments above re women undervaluing themselves. Hope you get a fantastic candidate and continue to make such a difference to even more people. In time let's hope that eating real food becomes the norm.
  6. Haide Fernandez
    I also want to tell you that being a Mexican citizen, I have a very good spoken and written English, I lived in the US the first 10 years of my life, then I kept on studying it at school. After these years, I gave English clases at a university in México.
    Thank you very very much, hoping to have news from you soon.
  7. Julio Burgos
    Hola, vivo en El Salvador, hablo y escribo en español nativo.

    Estoy interesado en el trabajo porque ya conozco Suecia, viaje hace muchos años y quede enamorado de el pais, en especial de Stockholm. Estoy en mis 40 y siento la necesidad de aprender sobre alimentacion, para ponerla en practica, me gusta mucho trabajar con personas, en la areas de motivacion, soy muy bueno aprendiendo y escuchando, asi como siguiendo instrucciones. Cumplo con todos los requisitos mencionados.
    Saludos Cordiales

  8. Analía
    ¡Qué gran oportunidad! Ya he enviado mi solicitud. Estoy a la espera de recibir noticias =)
  10. Ana Barrionuevo
    Mucho gusto de conocer a este equipo tan profesional como lo es Diet Doctor.
    Soy Ana Barrionuevo-Pennartz y vivo en Holanda. Cumplo con los requisitos necesarios para ser parte de este equipo de profesionales.
    Y como muchas otras personas, mi pregunta es la misma, estarían interesados en expandirse a la comunidad latina en Holanda? Les puedo decir que hay muchos latinos en este país y de seguro querrán conocer e involucrarse en este estilo de vida.
    Muchas gracias por su atención y espero poder recibir una respuesta de su parte. Podría también ampliar la red de servicios y comunicación a Sud América ya que soy ecuatoriana.
  11. NATAN
  12. Luz A
    This is such a great opportunity, but I just stared with this life style and being honest I don't thik I have the acknowlodgment that this position requires.
    I would love the idea to live and work in Sweden. But I'm on my way to change my own life and then I will be ready to help others.
    Por el momento, continuare siendo parte de la comunidad de seguidores y aprendices de tan maravillosa herramienta de vida. Keto life style me ha hecho muy feliz.
    Gracias por ayudarme a encontrar un estilo de vida saludable y autosustentable con el cual me siento segura y enfocada en mis objetios.
    Saludos desde Guatemala, Centro America: Luz Aguilar.
  13. Anabell
    Que gran oportunidad para las personas que somos bilingues y podemos compartir nuestro conociment con la comunida hispanohalbante. Yo soy medico en Mexico y hace 10 anos que trabajo en Estados Unidos como enfermera registrada. Como los demas solicitantes, me gustaria mas trabajar en linea desde mi pais porque no estoy lista para moverme.
    This is an amazing opportunity for bilingual people who knows the hispanic community. I have a medical degree from Mexido and recently I am working as an RN in USA. I think like some of the applicants, maybe later on there will be an opportunity to work from home.

    Thank you for everything you do.

  14. Maria L
    Hola muy buen dia a todos,

    Esta es una oportunidad que desearia obtener, ya que mi familia y yo hemos pasado por muchas dietas de yo-yo hasta que encontre este sitio web de Diet Doctor. No he visto otra oportunidad mas excelente que esta de trabajo en Estocolmo, Suecia. Me gustaria ser parte de Diet Doctor Espanol, soy nativa de Baja California - Mexico, y hoy vivo en los E.U. en el estado de Arizona. Doy gracias por considerar mi aplicacion, y por poder tener este sitio web de gran informacion para toda mi familia. Les deseo mucha suerte a todos los participantes.

    Sinceramente ...

    Maria L

  15. El
    Me encantaría consideraran mi solicitud.
    Fiel seguidora de Keto.

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