Another study finds people consuming full-fat dairy products are healthier

Whole Milk

Yet another study has found that people consuming full-fat dairy products are healthier. People consuming low-fat products have more obesity-related problems.

This resulted in another round of criticism of the obsolete low-fat dietary recommendations:

The Washington Post: Scientists have found another reason we should be drinking more whole milk


Could Low-Fat Milk Be Worse For You Than Whole Milk?

Saturated Fat and Butter: From Enemy to Friend


  1. Martha
    You must be joking. This is another low-quality food questionnaire study. Like all these observational epi studies, it's garbage. Why do we attack such studies when they find, oh, say, meat causes cancer, which we don't like, but embrace them when they find results we like?

    We have to be more stringent here lest we open ourselves to charges of double-standards and cherry-picking. This study isn't worth discussing, any more than the meat=cancer nonsense.

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  2. Apicius
    Martha: do you mean it's garbage without a single redeeming feature? Or is it sufficient to formulate a hypothesis, which will then need to go through further investigation for validation?

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