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Our member number 10,000 is Marion Findlay from the UK. She wins the first prize package and also wanted to share her story about what brought her to Diet Doctor.

Here it is:

The story

My journey in a nutshell…..

My name is Marion, I will be 66 years old next week and I have battled with Hashimotos and, ultimately, my weight for 40 years. I have tried every commercial diet going. I even tried a few low carb ones like Maxwell-Stillman, Atkins, Sears etc. but couldn’t get into ketosis. Food has always fascinated me and I decided to get a qualification in Nutrition but I was shocked when found that my research and what was being taught were polar opposites. My lecturer agreed!

My weight continued to creep upwards and when I hit 225lbs (at 5’3″ every one of those pounds showed) I was in despair. I was eating ‘healthily’ – counting calories and keeping fat low. In 2009 I had a gastric bypass. Fantastic. The excess weight went and I felt so happy. But the honeymoon ended and my weight started creeping back up, albeit slowly.

What could I be doing wrong? I was eating tiny meals. I knew that my thyroid was still to blame for my not being able to lose weight. More research and I discovered that gluten is highly implicated in autoimmune conditions. I stopped all gluten and carried on searching the Internet for more information. This time I was looking at diet from a slightly different perspective – health.

I read Perfect Health Diet by Paul and Sou-Ching Jaminet and looked at Paleo. Most books are American and suggested foods that I had never heard of or couldn’t get. Then I read Low Carb High Fat No Hunger Diet by Canadian mother and daughter team Veronica and Laura Childs. Their book is very hands-on and takes you through the transition to ketosis.

I took the plunge. That was four weeks ago and I have lost 6lbs so far. Searching around the Internet I came across your lecture on lchf which I found fascinating. I immediately joined your website. I am so glad I did. I have about 16-20lbs to lose which doesn’t sound much but I’m determined to get to my perfect weight and heal my thyroid at the same time. Mxx


Congratulations on a good start AND winning our contest as well. This seems like a good omen and I hope your continued journey is at least as successful!


  1. odezza
    Congrats to winning the prize, Marion! Thanks for sharing your story.
  2. Michelle
    I too have Hashimotos. I would really like to know how you went with this diet and how it helped with your Hashimotos?

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