More physicians are embracing low-carb and keto diets


An increasing number of physicians are waking up to the benefits of a carb-restricted diet to improve weight, blood sugar and other metabolic issues. Sometimes this happens after they have transformed their own health with a diet switch.

It is estimated that one out of every 12 female doctors in Canada is a member of a Facebook group dedicated to low carb and keto. In my opinion, that’s a very clear indication that the tides are turning in favor of low-carb diets for treating obesity, type 2 diabetes and related diseases.

Berchuk is part of a group of Canadian physicians who have adopted, and become advocates for, a lower-carb, higher-fat, whole-food style of diet, believing this way of eating could help reduce our country’s obesity crisis.

The group got its legs in 2016 when four female doctors — none of whom are specialists in obesity medicine or nutrition — launched a closed Facebook group dedicated to this style of eating. They had all used an LCHF approach to managing weight and metabolic issues but found little support among their colleagues. The foursome first connected while talking about their weight loss on a site for physician mothers, then moved to a place of their own — they had plenty to say and not everyone was interested in talking about a low-carb diet.

Chatelaine: A group of doctors has embraced the low-carb, high-fat diet. But is it just another fad?

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  1. Justme
    Dr.Eric Berg, Dr.Eric Westman, Dr.Jason Fung, Dr Ken from you tube are the best
    I am not fimiliar with other doctors ^^^^above.
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  3. Terrill
    Terrie, been doing me to for 16 weeks lost 18 lbs and my blood work has works. But if it didn't work for you maybe you should try something else...
  4. Granee
    Lost 23 pounds in 35 days. Lab results are now all great. My A1C is lower than it's been in 2 years. Am now dx. with pre diabetes instead of diabetes. I'm 71 years old and this way of eating is working fantastic for me.
  5. C. Mc.
    Lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks, Love everything about Keto except for the excessive urination!
  6. Randy
    Everyone I know who has done keto diet has lost weight including myself. It comes down to effort if you give none you will gain none. Keto works! Bottom line!
  7. Jim
    Works for me keto paleo mixed
  8. Cody Parson
    Keto saved my life. I lost 185 lbs,it completely got rid of my diabetes. My bloodwork is now the best it has ever been, my blood pressure is normal again. Not to mention I look and feel great. Only the foolish call keto a fad, I have been doing it for nearly 11 years straight now.
  9. Michael
    My wife and I have lost nearly 60 pounds collectively since going low carbs/Keto in Dec 2017. Each with 10 more to lose, we feel confident the pounds will come off. My labs have also drastically improved and targeted cholesterol numbers accomplished within 3 months. New outlook and new old wardrobe is a byproduct of this diets success.
  10. Alex
    Physicians shouldn't be who we look towards concerning nutritional advice no moreso than we should accept a nutritionist's advice on healing a sprained ankle.
  11. Donald
    I am a certified lifestyle coach and certified senior fitness professional. Besides the obvious weight loss with the ketogenic diet, many of my clients are able to rid themselves of dangerous medications. I have one lady a 65 year old woman who has suffered with epileptic type seizures for years. About 2 years ago she underwent brain surgery; which temporarily helped, but back came the seizures. I asked her to talk to her doctor about the ketogenic diet and she was advised to give it a try. Long story short she have been seizure free after 9 months with no medications. Added bonus her husband has lost 75 lbs and back to hiking again something he dearly loves. I've got more of the testimonials for another day!
  12. Jsnice
    Can u tell me bout the belly fat? Lost 135 lbs doing gluten free then started keto lost 20 lbs but more inches but have all this lose skin so much belly fat lower abdomen. It's horrible how do I get rid of it????
    Reply: #13
  13. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Can u tell me bout the belly fat? Lost 135 lbs doing gluten free then started keto lost 20 lbs but more inches but have all this lose skin so much belly fat lower abdomen. It's horrible how do I get rid of it????

    Congratulations! While keto can help with the remaining fat, some people turn to intermittent fasting for autophagy to help with the loose skin.

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