“To my amazement, I was never hungry”


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Here are new amazing stories from the people who’ve taken the challenge:


Hi Andreas,

I just finished the two-week challenge and I am starting to feel great! It was hard to begin with, lots of withdrawal symptoms but I hung in there and finally I feel it is paying off.

In the two weeks I lost 3 kg – 7 lbs (from 86 kg to 83 kg – 190 to 183 lbs) but most importantly my energy levels are rising. I have fibromyalgia and wanted to try this diet to see how it would affect my condition. Losing weight is just an added bonus for me, first and foremost I wanted to see if the diet would help with my energy and surely enough it has :) I do have to careful though, due to my increased energy I tend to overdo it and get widespread pain through my body.

I am definitely going to continue on this path and am looking forward to it! Thanks for this great site, I use it a lot for inspiration and I love the recipes.

Best regards,

I’ve been a committed low carber for about ten years now, but have a real sweet tooth and tend to drift back to using too many artificially sweetened products. The challenge helped me break that cycle. It took a couple of days to stop craving sweets, but it worked!

It also helped with fresh ideas for meals. I’m at a good weight, but I even lost a couple of pounds without ever being hungry. Overall, it was enough of a success that I may go back and repeat the plan one more time!


I had actually started before the Sunday start date so I did almost three weeks. Although the recipes were delicious, I didn’t lose any weight. I could never get into ketosis. I followed the plan exactly.

To my amazement, I was NEVER hungry. I am extremely frustrated that I could never get into ketosis and my wife is upset that I spent so much money on the food. The worst part is that my wife is a vegan and has been trying to get me to eat that way for years but I hate vegetables. Now I need to hear her tell me “I told you so”.



I think the 2-week challenge was great but I have to say first four days were brutal, I almost quit but I stayed with and I am happy I did. I also lost a few pounds. I think I will do it again and this time I think it won’t be as hard as the first time.

I highly recommend it to anyone who has doubts that this challenge is worth all the effort and its the best thing I have done for myself towards health lifestyle. I will continue the low-carb lifestyle…

Thank you!

I loved the recipes and the way of eating but found it difficult to stick to when out social eating – so my weight has yo-yo:ed. I have however learned a valuable lesson: I can either stick to it and succeed, feel great and find it easy or choose to eat carbs and drink alcohol – feel tired and miserable. Life is all about choice.



I just started the challenge a week ago. At first I didn’t think I could eat omelet without bread. But I realized I really enjoy fats without it.

I had some fruit cravings two days ago, but I mixed some berries with yogurt and it was just what I needed.

What I have noticed is that I don’t feel so tired in the morning.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of these days will bring.


It’s taken me a while to post this response, mainly because I didn’t really complete the challenge. I got through most of the first week, but then life got in the way (social occasions, travel, etc). I’m now back to the recipes, and the good news is that I have learned so much and was still able to stay more or less on track.

I really want to make this a way of life, and I’m now aware of how much I need to stay focused. The two-week challenge was just the impetus I needed to get serious, and I will be signing up for my free month.


I’m a 64-year old female who has piled on a couple of stones (30 lbs) in extra weight after retiring from work and giving up smoking. Have always suffered with bloating and IBS and had a high-carb diet, not so much sugar but bread, pasta and savouries.

I did have misgivings about starting a diet plan with so much fat because I’d always tried to limit fats I my diet. I stuck to the two-week challenge although I found trying to eat lunch too much. Without really trying, my eating went to coffee with cream first thing in the morning then scrambled eggs around 11 am and dinner by 6.00 pm with nothing further to eat until the next morning.

I haven’t suffered from any side effects and my body seems to really like this low-carb diet. I don’t have any more bloating or discomfort and my energy levels are gradually improving. I didn’t weigh myself when I started but I did know what my waist measurement was and at the end of the two weeks I had lost 3 inches (8 cm).

Hope it’s OK to repeat the two weeks again as that’s what I am now doing. I found all the recipes easy and quick to prepare and also really tasty. Regardless of if I lose weight or not, I will continue with low carb eating as I fee so much better for it.

With thanks,


Here are my thoughts on the LCHF challenge… I ate approximately 25-30 grams of carbs each day for the past 21 days.

  1. I lost 8 lbs (4 kg). That’s not a lot, but my belly fat and love handles are disappearing… great news. I am down 1.5 inches (4 cm) on my waist. I need to loose 20 pounds (9 kg).
  2. My cravings for chocolate and bread are disappearing. It’s been three weeks since I ate bread or dessert. It’s a miracle. I am a sugar addict.
  3. I drank no beer, but I do like my red wine and a little scotch. If I cut out my 6 to 12 ounces (177-350 ml) of red wine every night I would lose more weight quicker, I am sure.
  4. Energy levels are great in the morning but around 5 pm I need a nap or an americano coffee.
  5. I will be continuing this eating lifestyle.
  6. Feeling great in my clothes and looking forward to walking on a beach without my shirt on.
  7. Easy to find lots of protein and fats. I tried low carb, high protein once before but had no energy. On LCHF I have only a little light headedness. I love the fats and all vegetables grown above ground. They totally satisfy and fill me up and keep me satisfied for long periods of time. If I am hungry, I eat.
  8. Here is one piece of totally UNEXPECTED GREAT NEWS. For years I have been taking an acid-reflux drug. I have now gone three mornings without taking the pill and no acid reflux… Hallelujah!!! Maybe the fats are covering my stomach lining?
  9. I have regular bowel movements every day and my gas is basically gone.

Thank you.

I have been trying various diets for some time now, but so far this is the only diet that has given me results, the surprise for me was that I saw the results with four days, I lost two kilos (4 lbs).

Really want to thank Diet Doctor for making this happen. I have started recommending this diet already to friends and loved one already, since it’s a diet so simplified to follow through. Now that I’m done with my two-week challenge, I’m planning on continuing though with some flexibility. Besides these, as a result of this diet I’m more conscious of what I eat meanwhile still enjoying my meals.

I however have a query with regard to heart-related issue, hope that this doesn’t have any affect on heart since it’s a high fat diet.



Just want to say thank you. This was more than losing 2.6 kg (6 lbs), this is a change of life.

Other than when resetting my mind set that obvious carbs like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes HAD to be a part of every meal, it wasn’t difficult at all, as I’ve always loved the entire rainbow of vegetables. Actually adding fat and salt to my diet has been a little odd, because I have to remind myself to do it as it’s not natural for me.

Not being a breakfast eater, I also elected to undertake the 16:8 eating plan, and that’s been surprisingly easy to work with – it’s certainly ceased the habitual snacking I always did after a late night end of work, and that’s had untold benefits too.

I’ve had to be more mindful, more organised. My shopping bill is reduced! My recycling bin is almost empty because I’m not filling it up with pre-packaged boxes. The whites of my eyes look whiter, I don’t think I’m imagining it. My skin is clearing and my body feels different when I run my hands down my trunk: I wish I’d measured myself, but clothing is getting looser which makes me happy.

I actually woke myself up a couple of nights ago with “keto breath” – kind of gross but fascinating. I’m not heavily exercising yet, as I’m still occasionally tired, but I see a time that walking the dog for an hour and still having a workout in the same day will happen again.

Maybe one day I’ll actually be happy enough to wear a bikini in public… I’m 45 years old, but apparently you chose how you’ll age, and if I feel the healthiest I’ve been since a teenager, why wouldn’t I decide to turn back time?


Dear Dr Eenfeldt,

I stumbled upon Diet Doctor by chance and I am very happy I did as it is changing my life completely. I have only been on this diet for two weeks and I experienced that everything you promised me is true. The food is delicious, I am not hungry at all, skipping breakfast is very easy, my blood sugar went down dramatically and I lost 3 kilos (7 lbs). And what’s more, food is no longer my enemy but a very good friend.

Thanks a lot,

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