All time high

January! Everybody wants to get back into healthy shape after the holiday season. There is always a surge of interest, but this year has had a more extraordinary start than usual.

We’ve had a visitor record almost every day this year here at Diet Doctor. The record so far? 63 500 visits during one day. Above you can see the number of daily visits since Diet Doctor was founded back in 2011.

This makes us one of the most visited low-carb positive websites in the world, already. And our ambition this year is to become by far the most simple, the most trustworthy and the most inspirational place for anything low carb.

Welcome to all new readers!


  1. Apicius
    *standing ovation!*
    Bravo Diet Doctor team...well done!
  2. Bev
    Yay! Good news travels, clearly :)

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