“We both agree this is the most amazing thing we have ever done”


This year more than 48,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


I’m very happy with the way my weight loss has been going. It’s been relatively easy to keep under 22 carbs a day. The only issue I find myself facing at the moment is I lost 10 pounds (5 kg) my first week and a half, but for the last 4 day I put a pound back on. Curious if there are any techniques to keep the weight loss more steady?


Dear Andreas,

I am 37 years old lady.
My weight, 70 kg (155 lbs), is a bit to much to my height of 1.68 cm (5 foot 5) and I want to get rid off the 10 kg (22 lbs) plus from mainly around my waist.

I started the LCHF 15 days ago and I lost 5 cm off my waist and 5 cm off my belly without doing any excersice.
I also noticed my sugar cravings diminished, felt much more light and energetic and the hunger, which was always present, dissapeared too.

Altough I am on holiday so it is not easy to keep my strict zero carb routine, I know as soon as I get back home I just continue where I stopped before holiday.

I love sports, excercise but it became dissappointment when I could not form my body without starving myself.
I really loved the educational part of the diet; the explanation of the insuline, the fat storing hormone, how does it work and how can I effect it. It just makes sense.
So I am soooo happy I finally found a diet that sound and actually works and can loose weight without torturing myself.

Thank you so much.



It was really easy to follow. I lost 8 pounds (4 kg). No side effects. I plan to continue on this low carb diet.


I was not able to do it but I did cook some of the yummy recipes! Many of my family members are following the keto diet so I made your delicious creamy cheesy chicken and it was a hit so thank you for that. My daughter in law made the chocolate fat bombs too.

I plan to reset and try the two week diet again starting this Sunday.

Thank you so much,



I loved it.

I showed a weight loss of 10 pounds (5 kg) in two weeks. Most of the recipes are really good. A couple of them seem to be a little off on ingredient amounts. If you wish for specific feedback my wife can let you know.

We are beginning week five, I’ve lost 15 pounds (7 kg) so far and plan to lose 40 (18 kg). Have yet to try bone broth, but have been drinking regular broth for sodium increase. On the first week, the broth would help, I would feel light-headed, drink a cup of broth, then nap like a baby.

Your site is wonderful, and I enjoy the videos. Keep up the great work.



Hi Andreas,

I have just completed my 2-week challenge.
The result, – 2 kg (5 lbs) and I do not think I needed to change my whole life for it, frankly, I did not think much about it at all.
My favorite was pizza, so simple and so good. I find today no doubts or bad things about the diet, I will continue with a low carbohydrate diet.

Thank You for helping me being more healthy.


This is just amazing…..in starting days my weight lost with a blink of eye from 82 to 78 in 2.5 to 3 weeks……now its a routine and you know I no more like this fast food stuff anymore……but yeah this is tough very tough….not just diet you also have to do exercise and stuff……

overall website and this plan is amazing but you should also include some easy warmup exercises …easy one

thank you ???




Although I believed I was following a healthy diet before I was finding it increasingly difficult, at 61, to lose those stubborn kilos which creep on so easily. So I started following a low carb programme about 6 weeks ago and within 2 weeks I felt much more energised and all sugar cravings had gone. At that point my husband (who is very diet averse) commented on how well I was looking and decided to join me on the plan. At the time my husband joined in I signed up for the 2 week Diet Doctor challenge. I found the recipes really helpful – my husband has loved everything I have put in front of him and I have now collected a very useful selection of favourite recipes which makes life so much easier.

I am only slightly overweight with a few kilos to lose, whereas my husband would benefit from losing about 15 kg (33 lbs) as with high blood pressure his CV risk profile is higher. We are both losing steadily and slowly. However a couple of very motivating things have happened along the way.

Within a couple of days my husbands BP dropped significantly (I mentioned to him that this might happen, but neither of us believed that it would!), ie from 140/85 (with medication) to 115-120/65-70. This drop has been been maintained, with some daily variation, over a few weeks now. This really motivates him to carry on with the plan and hopes that in due course his doctor might review his medication.

By coincidence I had a general health assessment four weeks into the plan and I was very interested to see what my cholesterol levels would be after indulging in all those coffees with cream…..My total cholesterol was slightly up at 5.5 but my ‘good’ cholesterol was so high that they couldn’t measure it as it was off the scale! My triglycerides were also exceptionally low. (I have been drinking a modest amount of red wine)

For me the most helpful tip, to keep me on track, was to invest in blue tooth scales to monitor the trend in weight loss. My day to day weight can vary by 2kg or more and with ordinary scales it can be difficult to detect a trend and easy to become demotivated. I love my new scales, £40 well invested! I am happy to only lose say half a pound a week as long as the gradient of the graph is downwards. Now I can easily see when I have to make adjustments as I reach then maintain my optimum weight. (ie72kg @ 174cm – 158 lbs at 5 foot 8). I think it might be helpful to include the advice about the scales at the beginning of the 2 week plan…….? Maybe it is there, and I just didn’t find it straight away.

Thank you all for making this programme available to all, at last I have found a way of reaching and maintaining a weight I am happy with without feeling like I am ‘on a diet’, and I am delighted that my husband is on board – no mean achievement, Diet Doc!!

I hope this feedback is helpful and warmest thanks again.

Best regards,


I liked the two weeks challenge, I´m going to continue. The layup is perfect, as one of my biggest problem when it comes to cooking is deciding what to cook. That often leads to buying fast food. This setup was also perfect to help me get rid of bad habits, like snacking inbeteween meals, and the occasional late night beer. One of the thing that worried me the most was social settings, like going to a café, but even that has worked out, a cup of black coffee with a dash of cream is a sufficient substitue for latté and a cake. I had less side effects than I anticipated.

Best regards,



Hi Andreas

My Doctor suggested I try this. He is 52 and came 30th in the Brighton Marathon this year! I am 58 and he looks 20 years younger than me. He has cured Diabetic type 2 patients with this.

I was overweight, but not hugely (not obese). I had been feeling listless for a long time and I am on blood pressure medication. I work as a Non Surgical Footcare Specialist which means 4 days out of 5 I am seated. The other day I do gardening to get some fresh air. I am also an active participant in the Brighton and Hove table tennis league.

I started the LCHF nearly 4 weeks ago and my wife decided to do this with me as she was also overweight.

After 3 weeks, my wife had lost 3 inches off her waist, I had lost an inch. Both of us had lost over half a stone.

My wife suffers with IBS amongst other things. Her IBS is now the best it’s been and we both agree our stomachs have never felt more comfortable. My blood pressure is now consistently lower.

I found the 16 hour fast easy as I had recently become so busy, I had been skipping breakfast but now I do it because I’m not hungry! :)

I have just been to my GP’s for my annual health check and the Nurse I saw has been doing this as well for some time. He was very enthusiastic! I am waiting now to see how my Cholesterol is. Last year it was 5.2 but HDL was low and LDL high.

Incidentally the Nurse in charge of the Diabetic Patients at my surgery has herself lost 3 stones since January this year! Her Diabetic patients are seeing improvements also.

Overall Andreas, and without going ‘over the top’ we both agree this is the most amazing thing we have ever done and will continue with our new way of life for good.

Thank you so much.

Very best wishes
Mark & Wendy



The emails and support you have provided has been second to none.

I have tried low carb previously and found it difficult to find interesting meal choices. The meal ideas you send daily are perfect. Easy to make and really appealing to my taste. I am spoilt for choice.

I noticed a weight loss in the first few days then the weekend hit and i went off the rails with carbs and sugar. Big mistake. anyway, with your online support i am going to try again.

Thank you


Hi Andreas

My husband and I have completed the 2 week challenge and are now into the 3rd week. We have both lost weight (me 2.5kg – 6 lbs), reduced waist circumferences (me 5cm) and importantly, feel so much better! My husband has Type 2 diabetes and his BSL has dropped to 7mmol/L. His aim is to reverse his diabetes and get off medication – seems he’s on the right path.

I have dieted in the past and suffered through meals comprising of not much more than lettuce and celery, constantly feeling hungry. This is the first diet that has offered delicious TASTY food guilt free. Almost too good to be true! There were times however I craved a plate steamed vegies without any fat but was concerned that I would ‘undo’ some of these excellent results. I LOVE cooked tomatoes and have missed them :( Also the ‘flu’ is real! I valued your advice on how to cope through this period.

Moving forward, I’m concerned about maintaining a LCHF diet using recipes other than those provided by Diet Doctor as I don’t really understand how grams of carbohydrate are calculated in recipes. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

In closing I would really appreciate having a couple of questions answered:
1. Is the difference between ‘strict low carb’ and ‘ketogenic low carb’ recipes on your website?
2. Is a ‘moderate low carb’ recipe simply MORE food, or is it to do with overall grams of carbohydrate? Does a ‘low carb’ recipe turn into ‘moderate carb’ when carbohydrate reaches above 5%.
3. If I want to substitute chicken for fish (I don’t eat seafood), is there a difference in the grams of carbohydrate? If so, how do I find out about this?

Many thanks for your fantastic website, recipes, advice and emails on a daily basis during the 2 week challenge. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Kind regards


Doc, I started the ‘strict’ (less than 20 carbs/day) diet on August 2nd. No cheating. Followed the daily meal suggestions to the letter and have lost 10 pounds (5 kg) so far (207-197 lbs – 94-89 kg). My goal is 180 which I hope to have by Christmas. Since I’m not a picky eater, your diet has been easy to follow including the cup of bullion daily (which I have always enjoyed). I’ll keep you posted. I just let things go in favor of cheeseburgers and fries (!!) I look forward to being back where I was a few years back. Thanks for everything!



My husband and I are following it religiously for the last week. He has lost 9 lbs (4 kg) and I have lost 3 lbs (1,3 kg).

1. I enjoy a non-fat latte every day and make it myself. Can I still do this?? I bought 2% milk to use for a while to increase the fat content but I really don’t like the taste much but will continue if you think it’s best. I really don’t want to give them up if possible. Today I only used ½ cup of milk instead of 1 cup…to reduce the carbs from 12 to 6…

You thoughts?? [Just count the carbs and try to keep them low, i.e. have as little latte as possible. Latte is a real carb trap I’m afraid. /Andreas]

2. Can we enjoy a vodka/soda every once and awhile?? [Almost no carbs in that /Andreas]



Overall great start – lost 8 pounds (4 kg) and then stopped. My keto strips show I”m in ketosis but the scale hasn’t moved in five days. Actually it went up a pound. So I’m cutting out aspartame to see if that helps; I had to take NSAIDs for five days and also wondered if that caused issues. Will persevere as I still have 6-8 pounds (3 – 4 kg) to lose.

As for ideas- wonder why you don’t put the net carbs noted in your recipes? Think that would be helpful… [We do show digestible carbs, i.e. net carbs. Just click the “strict/moderate/liberal low carb” marking. /Andreas]



I really enjoyed having my meals chosen and organised for me. I liked most of the food except one dish. I have lost 0.9kg (2 lbs) each week, I would have liked to lose more as I have been fasting and also going to the gym but I am happy as long as I lose a kg a week for the next 8 weeks.
This diet really suits me as I don’t generally eat things like pasta, rice and bread.

Thank you!


Hi Andreas,

I’ve just completed the challenge with my wife. Overall it went well.

I have lost 4 lbs (2 kg) and 4 cm around my waist. My wife has lost 2.5 lbs (1 kg) and 4 cm around her waist. Neither of us a diabetic or extremely overweight. My wife is only trying to lose 8 lbs (4 kg) in total. I am trying to lose 15 lbs (7 kg).

My impression of the challenge is that the shopping list is way too big. I’m still eating butter in week 3 that I bought in week one and I’m eating a lot of butter!.

I get that you are trying to make this easy and get people started on a long term LCHF diet but some more variety in diet options would be nice particularly with vegetables. My favourite recipes were the low carb pizza and the turnip gratin. I also love butter cabbage!

I don’t like the “eat until you are full” mantra. All the evidence I’ve read suggests that the brain takes 15 minutes to realise we are full, by which time people have eaten too much! I know you are trying very hard to make this a diet that doesn’t count calories and be radically different from the appalling diet industry but the reality, as you acknowledge in one of your videos, is that you can’t eat anything on this diet. it is possible to eat too much and not lose weight.

I’m staying on the strict diet for another 3 weeks and then we will move to a moderate LCHF diet for life. We’ve not missed bread, rice, pasta or snacks but I have missed the occasional chocolate biscuit!

I would recommend this to anyone. It’s easy to do, gets results and gives people a real chance to change their lives forever. What’s not to like!

Feel free to quote me anytime!

Thanks again. We are converts for life.


Hello diet doctor
I am so pleased that I discovered you and subscribed to your website. I have learned so much from the information you provide.
My husband is diabetic and I was struggling to help him get back in control and eat a satisfying diet that he could sustain and stay in good health. The results have been nothing short of amazing and as for myself It has been wonderful to eat fat and get lean. You gave me the confidence to eat fat and I feel so much better for it.
We couldn’t have done it without you
Amazing !
Sincere thanks



I’ve loved it! I will definitely continue, tweaking recipes slightly for my own taste. The biggest benefit for me is how my cravings have vanished- If I were to have something ‘naughty’ it’s truly out of choice rather than desperate craving. It’s the sort of control I’ve been trying to find for years through various slimming groups and calorie counting.




I think I had a successful 2 weeks: down 5.4 lbs (2.5 kg) and 2.25 inches in belly measurement. The first week was more successful, but I want to keep on for a 3rd week, then ease into the 20-50g carb daily until I reach my optimum weight loss (would like to lose 35 additional pounds – 16 kg). Would you suggest the 20-50g/daily, or continue at <20g/daily? The food is great! I did have a slight increase in my cholesterol/LDL/Triglycerides, but I have not been exercising either. Will add walking to my plan this week. Thanks Dr Eenfeldt! Sincerely, Mara


Had a great start…but…visited my brother in remote location…fell off
Hard!…headed home tomorrow…back on program.

Greetings from RVR


Hi Andreas,
I really loved the two week challenge, although I haven’t lost much weight, maybe 3 lbs. (I am 5’7″ and weighted 164 (170 cm and weighing 74 kg), I am now 160-161 (73 kg), I am 54 years old.

My measurement around my waist has reduce by 1 1/2 inches, now being 40″ My goal is to be back to 150lbs – 68 kg)) I do feel full most of the time, and am now taking advice from your videos to eat less, and try intermittent fasting as I am eating at times when I am not hungry. All of your videos are very informative.

Menu is delicious!! Keeping under 50 grams is not difficult, I did keep under 20 grams the first two weeks, however I did find there were carbs in items I didn;t know had them! I found the Atkins carb counter, which helped me when I wasn’t sure about carbs. I needed this when I went away for three days, and couldn’t follow the plan exactly. Thank you for all you have done for this site, I really enjoy it.

Thank you
Arleene :)



WOW! I did not expect an email asking for my feedback. Thank you for NOT sending me an email trying to get me ‘give a 5 star rating. How unusual :-)

I decided to do the 2 Week Challenge because you gave me detailed Meal Plans and Recipes. Structure works well for me, so I also really liked the the daily emails. The daily emails always led me to more and more information. Your website is really wonderful and I am thankful I stumbled upon it.

But, I really have to thank you with all my heart for introducing me to Dr Jason Yung. Your website lead me to Dr Yung’s YouTube videos which lead me to his Intensive Dietary Management Blog …… where I spent hours reading thru every one of his posts. A-MA-ZING! I incorporated IF 16:8 into your 2 week challenge, had great success and dramatic changes in the way I feel. I cant thank you enough for DietDoctor.com. The information you provide and the way you present it is fantastic and the experts your introduce me to drove me towards learning. Thank you!

There is only one suggestion I want to share regarding your 2 week challenge.
For me, there is way, waaaaaay too much cheese. As I mentioned, I thrive on structure and I was looking forward to being able to follow your Meal Plans and Recipes to a T for the 2 weeks (easy peasy). After 3 days of that much cheese, I needed to modify the plan for the remainder of the 2 weeks by eliminating and/or substituting most of the cheese. 2 lbs (1 kg) is a lot of cheese for one person (me) to try to digest, in my opinion, over the course of just 7 days.

Speaking for myself only, I would not be able to make LCHF my lifetime way of eating using the cheese-heavy recipes/meals on your site. When I first started the 2 week challenge, it appeared that cheese was a key factor in LCHF and loosing weight. Of course because your daily emails lead me to additional reading/videos, I figured out cheese has nothing to do with it. Again, for me, my goal for the 2 week challenge was to learn how to incorporate this LCHF woe into my life and develop ‘habits’ which include consistent meal planning. I certainly could never consume anywhere near that much cheese on a weekly bases, as a lifelong woe. If I may, I might suggest modifying the 2 week Challenge Menu Plan/Recipes to help folks learn how to incorporate this woe without so much dependency on cheese.

After 4 days, I dropped the hard cheeses and used only fresh mozzarella, sparingly (3 meals a week, only).
Instead of hard cheese, I used ‘yummmy/filling’ avocado mayo (healthy, yes?) and bacon fat(which I saved every time I cooked bacon).

Thank you for DietDoctor.com and your continuous commitment to helping us regain our health. You have already changed my life.



Hi Andreas,

What can I say? I was really sceptical, but now I’m just amazed. Up until this past year I had never been on a diet. I had always been ridiculously thin, actually struggling to maintain my weight. Except when pregnant. I gain a lot of weight and it takes a while for me to lose it, breastfeeding notwithstanding. During my last pregnancy I went from 52 to 94 kg (119 to 202 lbs). So I’m 6 years postpartum and think my amazing metabolism years are over. I’ve been stuck at 80 kg (+/- 2 kg) (177 lbs) no matter what I do. As hard as I tried to count calories, run 25 km a week, and actually start eating low-fat products out of sheer desperation, I wasn’t able to lose a single pound during the last year. It was really upsetting. I mistakenly tried low fat AND low carb, and was, of course, starving. I was upset, thinking I’m doing everything right, but there’s something wrong with me. I can’t possibly need to eat again already. But this drastic mistake put me on the right track.

I googled low-carb and starving, which is how I found your site. I didn’t believe eating fat would help, but I thought, at this point I can’t do worse. Challenge accepted! And here I am 6 kg (13 lbs) lighter without much effort. I’m back to my regular 18:6 eating schedule that I was previously accustomed to. No snacks? No problem. In fact, I stocked up on low carb snacks to get me through these two weeks and . . . I didn’t eat any of them. I’m so happy, not being a slave to hunger anymore. It really improves my appreciation of food and fits nicely into my own “vollwert” concept that I’ve adopted here in Germany. No more substandard, low-fat fare.

What I would personally like are tips for us sporty types. I’m not an elite athlete, but I’d love to hear more about fat-adaptation and how to improve my performance.

Also I’d really appreciate tips on low-carbing with kids. Mine love their noodles and fruits and, of course, anything containing sugar. I have no idea where to start. So I’m starting with sugary drinks.

Thank you so much for your site!



I think this actually is working for me. I have tried every diet I could with no success. My doctor recommended this program and I have lost 1 inch from my very large stomach.. I will continue and pray for more success. thanks




Hej Andreas,

the challenge with DietDoctor was great. I’m not new to low carb but actually eating lots of fat was a revelation. I always had problems with cravings and ended up eating cheesecake every now and then, which was a disaster for my metabolism every time and often enough led to binging on carbs.
The extra fat did the trick for me and I haven’t had any real cravings after the first week anymore. The way it is now I can stick with LCHF, which is great because I feel miserable with grains and sugar in my diet and I was pretty desperate to find something that works for me.

What helped a lot was the meal plan. I find it hard to plan my meals ahead of time and often enough I go to the store and don’t know what to buy because I don’t know what I want to eat. And then I’m at home and don’t have the right foods in the house to prepare a satisfying meal when I get hungry. So having a meal plan and shopping for that was tremendously helpful. I actually miss that now that the challenge is over.

Ways to improve: I would have liked to see some alternatives to the many recipes with so much cheese. I love gratin, but I don’t do so well with too much cow’s milk protein and need a tasty alternative to cheese (not a fan of goat or sheep milk).

I would also have liked a forum to share experiences with other people during the challenge and perhaps even afterwards.

This may be a tad special and I know you don’t stress exercise much because it’s no great use in terms of weight loss. Now I’m neither overweight nor pre-diabetic. I eat low carb in order to bring down (subclinical) inflammation in my body. I’m in so much pain although all my blood work looks fine. With low carb it’s better, not gone but better. Anyways, back to the point: the film on athletes and low carb (“Run on Fat”) was super inspiring to me. I love to be active but always felt I lost my endurance when on low carb. So, for me a section on how to optimize a LCHF diet to help in a life rich in physical activity would be highly interesting. Perhaps this could be a project for the future to add to your site.

To finish this off I would like to say tack så mycket for providing this extremely helpful website full of information free of charge. Seeing how many people live low carb, how much good research there is on the benefits, has also given me back some self-confidence and I stopped feeling like an oddball in a world where so many people go vegan and fear fat and give me weird looks for the way I eat. Thanks for what you do!

Greetings from Germany,


Hi loved that you were there all the way… me and hubby had quite slow weight loss to what we maybe expected as both tip 20st +, hubby lost 5 lbs (2 kg) week 1 and 1.5 lbs (1 kg) week 2, myself 0.5 lbs (0,2 kg) week 1 ☹ 3 lbs (1,5 kg) week 2, we do however have no cravings and definitely not bloated like before, so will carry on with help from your website etc

thank you,



We are really pleased with the plan/challenge found it easy to follow and menu were tasty. It was useful as all our family are doing it so we were not tempted to eat carbs, my husband has lost 9 Ibs (4 kg) +3 ins of his waist and was recomended by our Gp as he needs to loose weight due to blood sugar levels and stomach problems due to anxiety long term he feels better. We all feel motivated as I am the main cook and shop I had given up bread before this challenge due to wheat intolerance. I think it has helped reduce my blood pressure as I am on medication may visit GP as to monitor and adjust if my symptoms continue. I think its great that the information is free and fair. I have recommended the diet Dr to friends who have yo yo dieted for years so a big thankyou to all involved.


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  1. gbl
    I've lost another 5 lbs, so that's 20 now in not quite 6 1/2 weeks. I think that's a bit too fast so I've decided to slow it to about 5 lbs a month. I ate two beef samosas today. I suppose that's a few carbs, and I am eating one small serving of fruit, fresh, every scond day. I will eat a small 2-3 oz roasted yam with butter tomorrow. Two to three times a week I eat about 1/4 cup of yogurt (3.5%) with one tablespoon of chia and one tablespoon of hemp seeds.

    I measured myself and see a small change. I am not sleepy during the day anymore.

    I am not diabetic. It's working for me.

  2. IME
    How does one count the carbs? How do you count 20 gr of carbs? What's the trick?
  3. Gentiann
    the trick is to choose very low carb vegetables as your source of carbs, mainly green leafy vegetables and "above ground" vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, cucumber etc). Avoid root vegetables,higher in sugar, and all starchy sources of food (grains, flours, dry beans,potatoes etc).
    If you eat your very low carb vegetables with plenty of butter or other recommended fats, you will feel very satisfied and not need to count carb.

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