Achieve ketosis through fasting — Ivor Cummins

What is the best way to achieve ketosis? Engineer Ivor Cummins discusses the topic in this interview from the PHC conference 2018 in London.

Interviewer Kim Gajraj and Ivor also talk about Ivor’s and Jeffry Gerber’s newly released book Eat rich live long, keto sweeteners, keto as a term and much more!

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“Achieve ketosis through fasting” – with Ivor Cummins

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  1. Jude
    Kim is one of my favorite interviewers. Ivor is such an engaging interviewee! Thank you for this.
  2. Carmen
    Can you drink coffee and bone broth through this fasting or is it absolutely thing at all?
  3. Shari Harberts
    Could you do Bone broth and kerrygold butter? Or what about a bone broth fast? And, when you're checking your blood for ketosis how long do you have to wait?
  4. Shari Harberts
    I wish there was such a thing that I could go to a keto Clinic like a all-inclusive vacation but in this case it would be meals being served from the ketogenic lifestyle to better educate and help make sure those who came we're on a better track after they left and had more understanding about what they need to do and how they need to do it. There is so much stuff on the internet but there is no one in our local areas who has lived ketogenic and can pinpoint what's someone's doing wrong or right. It would be like having a living ketogenic person for a week would be awesome. It would be like a ketogenic companion in some relationship from the TV show Elementary.
  5. Yvonne
    Yes Shari. Whenever I feel that I have failed yet again to simplify my approach to this keto thing I am drawn to so much, I yearn for some place to go that could take care of me for just a little while, (don't we all?) spoiling me with beautiful healthy food I haven't had to prepare myself, gently steering me back in the right direction. Imagine such a holiday place - yes, a 'retreat'. Wow. I get so cross remembering that, in the past, whenever I took myself off to a dietitian, the only thing on offer was all the high carb stuff which always made me hungry. Fasting could be a great method to keep things under control - bone broth is delicious! Good luck in all your efforts.
  6. Rosina
    Itotaly agree.
  7. Sharvo
    Check out Virta. Of course it's going to be more than $10/ mo.

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