Achieve ketosis through fasting — Ivor Cummins

Do you need to add lots of fat into your diet in order to stay in ketosis and lose weight? In this interview from the PHC conference 2018 in London, engineer Ivor Cummins is answering this question and many more from interviewer Kim Gajraj.

Cummins is discusses how fasting plays a bigger part than fat does when getting into ketosis. Jeffry Gerber and Ivor recently released the book Eat rich live long where they discuss theis topic further.

Tune in for this very interesting interview to find out more!

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Achieve ketosis through fasting – with Ivor Cummins

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  1. Margie
    I suggest ramping up the fats for beginners, so it’s easier to get used to the diet and assuage hunger, until you get into ketosis. At that point it becomes a lot easier to eat less frequently.
  2. Jennifer
    I agree with Margie. I’ve only been on keto for four months however I believe it’s easier to just focus on eating very little carbs and lots of fat. Deliberately fasting seems daunting to me at this stage of my journey and I don’t think I’d enjoy this way of eating as much as I do if I had to think about fasting. The weight loss and disappearance of slight osteo-arthritis in my hands and knees has me singing the praises of this lifestyle but the best thing about it is that it’s effortless. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Why make it complicated??
  3. Kimberly Blood
    I started keto with a 4 day water fast - (Dr recommended who had been through it Himself and lost 96 pounds in 100 days) and it was the BEST thing for me!! The reason it’s so powerful at first is it totally detoxes your body of the junky carbs and sugars, it brings down the high levels of inflammation in the body and resets your taste buds and pallet so yes it’s a tough 4 days but you do not have the desire for carbs or sugars after! It’s SO worth it and makes it much easier to begin to eat keto 1 meal a day right off the fast because your stomach has shrunk. I was advised to sip a hot mug of himilayan pink salt with 1-2 TBSP nutritional yeast flakes to keep my electrolytes up and this helped me to do it once a day on those fasting days. I did a 4 day water fast once a month since then and lost 50 pounds in 5 months! I am very close to my goal weight now but I am still doing a 4 day fast once a month and I find it is toning up my skin and making me feel GREAT because of AUTOPHAGHY! Try it- the results are worth the effort!!😁
  4. Boris Goldverg
    96 pounds in 100 days?! It is not a typo, is it? I love keto and IF way of eating, practicing it myself, but this amount of weight loss seems a bit extreme to me.

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